AMT Festivities Give Thanks at Lunar Year-end

02/04/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15003

As the year of the horse comes to a close, AMT has begun to ramp up festivities welcoming the year of the goat. In gratitude for the many years of financial assistance provided by AMT, the Samba Drum Troupe of Majia Junior High School came all the way from Pingtung to perform in the atrium of AMT headquarters on Friday, January 16. In addition, AMT held the company’s year-end banquet on Saturday, January 31.

The Majia students performed a rousing drum and dance piece combining indigenous culture with the spirit of carnival as well as a collection of traditional tribal dance interpretations and were accompanied by the teachers of Majia junior high school. The Majia Junior High School Samba Drum Troupe has won Taiwan’s national Samba drum competition for three consecutive years. The entire AMT office staff and management and executives from Dawulun Industrial Park were in attendance.


The year-end banquet is an important Chinese tradition held at the end of the Lunar Year. Companies use this opportunity to thank staff and vendors for their hard work and support during the year with a feast, entertainment, and raffle. This year, attendees numbered 520 including staff, shareholders, vendors, customers, financial partners, and our distributors from Italy and Taiwan. Among the company’s guests were the Principals of Keelung Municipal Yueimei Elementary School and Keelung Municipal Jhonghua Elementary School who presented AMT with certificates of appreciation for the company’s financial support over the years.

This year’s event had a retro theme and groups of employees performed delightful and wonderful dances to the songs of yesteryear. Some members of the Employee Welfare Committee dressed up as characters from Japanese animation and some wore traditional Chinese Qipao in line with the event theme. Awards were presented for Excellent New Employee, Employee of the Year, Top 3 Performances, and Seniority for 5, 10, and 15 years of service.


The Top 3 employee performances included a lively rendition of an indigenous dance in full traditional garb, a medley of popular dances, Taiwanese folk music, and a rousing version of YMCA. Of special note, the first and second place teams consisted of production line personnel.

As the afternoon progressed, attendees ate, drank, and toasted each other, the company, and each other’s mutual health and success. As the ecstatic atmosphere reached its apex, attendees had to keep one eye on the stage, one eye on the all-important raffle, and both eyes on what was happening in front of them. Finally, the raffle for the grand prize of the day closed out a joyous and successful banquet. As the curtain fell on this year’s festivities, guests could look back on a successful Year of the Horse and look forward to greater achievements in the Year of the Goat.

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