AMT holds 2nd Annual AMT Games

07/20/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16014

AMT cares deeply for the wellbeing of its staff and firmly believes that earnest and enterprising employees are paramount to delivering excellent products and services every day. The basic element of being earnest and enterprising is a sound body. The “Happy Train” vision promoted by AMT has continued to boost the health, happiness, and morale of all company employees. We firmly believe that a happy and healthy staff is an important key to long term success.

In order to foster a culture of exercise and promote employee health, the company encourages our employees to establish clubs and utilize non-working hours and weekends to engage in various physically beneficial sports or activities. Currently, we have 6 clubs including Tai Chi, badminton, running, self-defense, Yoga, and Ping-Pong. These clubs are constantly adding and enriching their classes. For example, this year, the self-defense club has expanded to cover kettlebell training to improve the strength and coordination of its members.

Last August, we organized the 1st Annual AMT Games and we felt that this was a very worthwhile event. This year, we chose July 10 to hold the 2nd Annual AMT Games and Family Fun Competition at National Taiwan Ocean University. On that day, 162 colleagues and 16 family members joined the festivities. Before starting the contests, all the participants came together for a simple opening ceremony. During the ceremony, AMT President, Lillian Chao, expressed the wish that those present would have the time to spend with family and exercise outdoors in spite of busy careers. Only by taking good care of family and personal health will you have the ability to establish a happy lifestyle.


The Games started with badminton and Ping-Pong doubles competitions. In order to prepare for these Games, many employees spent precious non-work and weekend hours training intensely in an effort to obtain individual and team glory. Thus, this year’s competition was especially fierce. In the end, the Engineering Department’s Kay Huang and the IT Office’s Mike Ko were crowned champions of doubles badminton and the doubles Ping Pong contest was won by Sam Chou from the Office of the President and Andy Chen from the Manufacturing Division. Next, the family fun competition was held with a 3-legged race and balloon race with parents and children displaying great cooperation. Both races were won by our CFO, James Chen, and his son. The grand finale of the AMT Games was also the most exciting with the group fun competition and departmental relay race sparking the most intense rivalries. Teams comprised 2 to 3 members from different departments which required quickly establishing mutual cooperation. In the end, the team composed of members from the Etching and Printing Center and the Inspection and Testing Center won the group fun competition and 1st place in the relay race went to a team with members from the Product Assembly Center and the Product Enhancement Center.


The organization of this type of club event and sports competition has, indeed, enhanced the company’s sports culture and also shines a light on personal health outside the office. In the short term, our colleagues will have the physical vigor necessary to contribute to the company and win at home, in the office, and personally.

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