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10/07/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15019

As a corporation, AMT has always believed that we should give back to society all and more of the boons society has given us. Every year, we implement a number of programs in an effort to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. These programs include donating to indigenous communities, providing charity to schools in remote regions, staff voluntarism, and support of Taiwan’s local arts. This year, AMT has organized a number of volunteer events involving staff and management.

We donated rice and milk to remote schools. AMT has also partnered with the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation to assist indigenous tribes in the Taidong area create an after school tutoring program and establish a scholarship for disadvantaged students. The company donated a van to spinal cord injury survivors, nine washing machines to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation which cares for the severely mentally or physically disabled, and to a reading class for disadvantaged children in Keelung. Since the beach is not far away, AMT staff removed over 200 kilograms of garbage from the beaches around Chaojing Park.


Our care for society and disadvantaged groups extends beyond material assistance. AMT and its employees have always cared for the needy with our hearts.

Since last year, AMT has been donating funds to the remote Wutang Elementary School in Pingtung. The principal of Wutang was inspired by the idea of physical fitness leading to greater academic achievement. In order to realize this goal, AMT subsidized the establishment of a tug of war team and bought nutritious food and uniforms for team members. Even though there are only 50 students from 1st to 6th grade, the Wutang Elementary School tug of war team was able take home third place at the national tug of war competition organized by Asia University in 2014. Their goal is to win first place in 2015. If this happens, AMT will award all participating students with a trip to the zoo. Hopefully, this outstanding physical achievement leads to the confidence these students need to succeed academically and in life.


Ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival, eleven AMT staff members distributed relief supplies to approximately 600 disadvantaged families at the Keelung Family Support Center to let these families know that someone cares for them during the holiday. AMT volunteers offered words of encouragement and succor to the recipients of these gifts in the hope of inspiring them to try to improve their present situations. Hopefully this relief will be one of the factors leading to the long-term improvement of their livelihoods.


AMT continues to uphold the principles of corporate social responsibility and promotes the values of charity and volunteerism both internally and in the community. This spirit ensures that customers not only receive the best products and services but also that the process of providing these products and services benefits those less fortunate than ourselves. AMT hopes that those who see our example can also give of themselves to the most vulnerable members of society.

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