AMT Moves Towards Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

09/21/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16018

The advent of the Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IOT) era has induced change in the future of manufacturing and sales models. Through the ubiquity of the internet and cloud computing data capture technology, smart manufacturing can be forged on the premise of digitized efficiency to quickly integrate upstream and downstream information, use advanced analytical techniques to enhance capacity and quality in real time, increase the efficiency of factory equipment and power, perform predicative equipment maintenance and dynamic production scheduling, and accurately respond to market requirements for customized products. AMT has planned a bidirectional development of Industry 4.0 according to the needs of its industry and has outlined a comprehensive strategic blueprint and practices. The first direction is the vertical dimension of production operation optimization using technologies such as IOT, cloud, big data, and automation to enhance capacity, yield, and profit. The second direction is the horizontal direction of inter-enterprise value chain integration including a digitized transparent supply chain to form a complete value chain from customer to AMT to vendors and strengthening dynamic production management and risk resilience to seize opportunities among changing trends.

In recent years, AMT has actively introduced numerous information systems including a human resources management system, financial management system, MRP/ERP, MES (manufacturing execution system), and production support and intelligent design to enhance the company’s competitive strength and service value. In order to link each individual system software, AMT previously introduced our self-designed AIM (AMT Information Management) system which realizes integral synergy, provides system tasks such as production support, product traceability, and production data collection, and increases production efficiency of line operators and equipment to establish a sound foundation for Industry 4.0. In the latter half of last year, we introduced the APS (advanced planning scheduling) system focused on system operated production scheduling. We can master our capacity data, instantly control and adjust production line sequencing when situations arise, and respond quickly to all production issues to allow production line resource utilization and dispatch to become more flexible, further increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs to achieve capacity optimization.

This year, AMT started a new project, CRM (customer relationship management). We consolidated customer requirement records and introduced this data into the CRM system in Q3 2016 to expand the second dimension of our Industry 4.0, inter-enterprise value chain integration. The CRM plan will be progressively implemented to include our U.S. subsidiary to allow AMT to understand the customer’s every need while relaying this information to us comprehensively at any time, provide service proactively, design and produce products according to customer requirements, increase customer satisfaction, and plan for the future. We are currently building the infrastructure of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system. SCADA allows managers to control the critical processes of the entire factory, master production progress, and set precautions that must be recorded or heeded. These early warning notifications can immediately issue alert messages to managers in a variety of ways such as text message, instant message, and e-mail. SCADA plays an important role in the era of automation and, in the future, we will further strengthen the functionality of SCADA and IIOT.

Next, we will continue to build an intelligent automated factory, introduce supply chain management, and expand a comprehensive value chain to manufacturing research/production/supply/sales/service. In terms of Industry 4.0 progress, AMT upholds a step by step spirit as we move forward. With an attitude that adheres to quality, we will always stand with customers, consider customers at all times, and gradually exhibit the best performance and efficiency.

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