AMT PCI Touch Solution’s Effortless Firmware Parameter Settings

07/08/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15013

As we move into the latter half of 2015, AMT has rededicated the company to the concept of simplicity and efficiency when providing our core industrial, medical, and commercial markets with total projective capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions. While the integration of many PCI touch products becomes increasingly complex and arcane, often baffling customers, AMT has endeavored to evolve its products into turnkey solutions. We emphasize simplicity and efficiency in firmware parameter settings to provide customers with total PCI touch solutions and reduce the burden on customers during integration.

In terms of touch panel design, we have built a full range of PCI panels from 3.5″ to 24″ inches. It is our touch panels’ synergy with PenMount controllers that truly demonstrates the strength of a touch solution designed as a unit from the ground up. At the start of the last design cycle, AMT put itself into our customers’ shoes. We carefully considered the details of panel design, envisioned what types of environmental situations and integration issues customers may encounter, and preemptively equipped solutions in our products.

The design trend currently prevalent in many controller products produced by other manufacturers is one of over-complexity. A huge number of parameters must be adjusted before the touch panel can operate stably in any given hardware system and environment. Customers are initially left directionless in the face of such a staggering undertaking and a functional touch panel becomes either the product of a steep learning curve and countless hours with customer service or the entire system must be shipped to the manufacturer for fine tuning.

Conversely, the latest AMT PCI touch solutions are turnkey products. They are ready-to-use right out-of-the-box and can operate in a number of environments. When necessary, system integrators can perform simple fine tuning to select different function combinations but there is no need for the system to be shipped to AMT or PenMount. In addition, AMT PCI touch products remain highly flexible. If customers require small quantities of highly customized products, we provide comprehensive solutions in a timely manner.

AMT total touch solution functionality is engineered to be stable and reliable without excessive input on the customer end. The next issue of this newsletter will describe the benefits and applications of this design approach. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

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