AMT PCI Touchscreens Can Meet ATEX Specifications

08/19/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15016

The uppermost glass surface of a projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touchscreen confers durability, superior optical qualities, and characteristics facilitating surface treatment application. However, being glass, there is the constant danger of sharp flying glass shards if the panel were to shatter. Certain environments warrant or even legally demand safety-glass or equivalents to mitigate higher risks of breakage and large loose pieces of glass or water and dust compromising internal mechanisms if there is leakage in the cracked glass. Normally, ATEX specifications for PCI touch panels stipulate either no penetration of water or dust or loose glass chips.

In order to meet ATEX specifications, the glass surface of an AMT PCI touch product will be protected by a layer of film. AMT offers two types of safety film for PCI touchscreens, an anti-glare (AG) film and a clear film. Overall thickness is 0.18mm with a total light transmittance of greater than or equal to 89%. The safety film is attached to the touch panel with optically clear adhesive (OCA). The film cannot be shattered through blunt force. Therefore, if the glass panel is shattered by an impact, the safety film will hold the glass shards together, prevent sharp glass fragments from becoming airborne, and maintain the surface integrity of the screen. Even shattered, the glass panel will not allow liquid or dust into the interior of the PCI touchscreen.

AMT’s safety film is certified as ATEX Category 3 equipment, rated IP54 (dust and splashing water protected after impacts) according to the IEC-60529 standard. ATEX Category 3 equipment is “intended for use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mists or air/dust mixtures are unlikely to occur or, if they do occur, are likely to do so only infrequently and for a short period only.”

Safety film is crucial in automotive applications, environments with heavy machinery, and equipment used by the public to protect drivers, passenger, and line operators from injury and companies themselves from legal liability. If your system is ATEX Category 3 equipment or will be deployed in a location where impact forces are a possibility, please contact AMT’s sales department for more details.

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