AMT Provides PCI Touch Panels with Multiple Glass Thicknesses

09/07/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16017

AMT has introduced a number of new advancements and products in the past three quarters of 2016 and have prepared many more releases for Q4 of this year. This has led to a natural evolution of AMT’s product line of standard projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions. As always, all current generation AMT PCI touch panels paired with PenMount PM1x10 control boards meet industrial and medical EMC specifications, can be used with various glove types, offer advanced water handling features, and support thick cover glass.

Currently available standard touch panel sizes paired with corresponding control boards are as follows:


In terms of utilizing different cover glass thicknesses on PCI touch panels, we offer three methods of fulfilling customer requests:

  1. Standard Products and Firmware: Standard AMT PCI touch panels and standard PenMount PCI controllers paired with standard firmware can support 1.1mm, 1.8mm, and 2.8mm cover glass thicknesses.
  2. T-Model Firmware: Standard AMT PCI touch panels and standard PenMount PCI controllers paired with T-Model firmware can support a 6mm cover glass thickness.
  3. Custom Firmware: If you require 4mm or 5mm cover glass, a standard AMT PCI touch panel and standard PenMount PCI controller can still be used. In this case, AMT will provide custom firmware. If you need cover glass over 7mm thick, a standard PenMount PCI controller paired with a custom PCI touch panel and custom firmware is available.

AMT provides comprehensive PCI solutions, developing and manufacturing touch panels, controllers, firmware, drivers, and utilities. We possess proprietary software/hardware development technologies and continue to specialize and enhance the performance and standards of PCI touch products. It is our mission to provide customers with the most convenient and complete PCI touch products to assist in quickly solving problems and satisfying customer requirements.

AMT continues to provide the most flexible and utilitarian touch solutions and the most thoughtful service. Our standard PCI products meet the requirements of numerous applications, environments, and specifications. To find out if our standard PCI touch panels are right for you, please contact our sales representatives.

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