AMT Releases New 12.1″ PCI Touch Solution


AMT continues to listen to the voices of customers in the fields of industrial, business, and medical applications. Considering the increasing ubiquity of projected capacitive input (PCI) touch panels, we have paired the third generation PM1410 PCI touch control board with redesigned 12.1″~15.6″ PCI touch panels. In order to provide customers with superior PCI touch solutions, AMT will release a next generation 12.1″ PCI touch solution this month.


This solution utilizes a new 12.1″ PCI touch panel, model no.92-P3026-A20, which retains the same outer dimensions as the 92-P3009-A2A while receiving numerous modifications. The circuit area of the 92-P3026-A20 is narrower which allows for more slender bezels and the FPC Tail that connects to the control board has been moved to the center of the panel. The terminal end of the Tail also utilizes a simplified design with two terminal Connectors. The 92-P3026-A20 employs a GFF (Glass-Film-Film) structure with the topmost layer consisting of 1.1mm thickness glass. Since a number of customers wish to dictate the form and thickness of the glass cover lens themselves, we will also provide a 12.1″ PCI touch panel without glass with the model no. 92-P3026-A10. Please reference the following table for dimensions:


Since most industrial 12.1″ LCDs are 4:3 screens, the newly released 12.1″ PCI touch panel can be paired with 12.1″ LCD screens such as the AUO G121SN01V4, Innolux G121X1-L04, Sharp LQ121S1LG88, NEC NL8060BC31, and Mitsubishi AC121SA02.

The 92-P3026-A20 is paired with the latest PenMount PM1410 control board which utilizes the P2-08 controller IC, supports USB / RS-232 / I2C interfaces, and is compatible with mainstream operating systems Windows, Linux, Android, etc. The PM1410 features new generation frequency hopping noise immunity technology, 5-point linear touch control, supports gloved touch functionality, and has passed IEC 61000-4-3 RS Level III and IEC 61000-4-6 CS Level III 10V Criteria A testing. In other words, our product can operate normally while under the influence of interference spanning a number of frequencies.

In the PCI touch panel field, everyone must face the issue of water. The 12.1″ PCI touch solution released by AMT can effectively avoid the false signals experienced by standard PCI touch panels when encountering water. Once water coverage exceeds a certain area, AMT’s PCI touch panel will suspend touch functionality. After the panel has been dried, normal operation is restored. This function resolves false touch signals generated by the presence of water. If you feel this 12.1″ PCI touch solution is right for you, please contact an AMT sales representative or distributor.

As June draws near, AMT will display several new R & D achievements at Taipei’s Computex and San Jose’s SID Display Week exhibitions. We look forward to seeing you in Taipei and San Jose. Continue reading this newsletter for the newest exhibition information.


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