AMT releases Ruggedized T-Model PCI Touch Solution

07/06/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16013

Projective capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch enabled systems designed to handle a large volume of users, installed in high foot traffic areas, or subjected to rough handling often require a tough ruggedized PCI touch surface more protective than standard thickness glass. As the leading provider of touch panels to the industrial, medical, and commercial fields, AMT has developed a ruggedized PCI product in our new T-Model series PCI touch solution. T-Model PCI touch panels can utilized a cover lens thickness of 6mm.

Touch systems operated by the public or in the field may be expected to handle large numbers of input actions, be operated much more callously than personal electronics, or be subjected to impact by stray objects. The countless motorists passing through a gas station have little reason to treat the touch enabled gas pump gently when rushing on their way. Similarly, kiosk and point of sale terminal operators concentrate on completing appoint tasks instead of the machinery’s wellbeing. All these systems must be tough enough to not just withstand the continuous impact of fingers but also the misplaced gas nozzle, errant handbag, or unguided shopping cart. In order to meet these applications requirements, a system designer designing a PCI touch panel with a ruggedized glass surface will, in general, consider utilizing a glass panel from 4mm to 6mm thick.

Ahead of this demand, AMT has released its T-Model series of firmware for PenMount PM1310/1410/1710/1711 controllers for the construction of ruggedized PCI touch panels. Customers can select AMT standard stock PCI touch panels from 8.4″ to 24″ to be outfitted with thick glass. AMT’s T-model PCI touch solution provides increased durability by allowing the lamination of décor glass of 6mm thickness to standard medium and large size AMT PCI sensors. Décor glass lamination service can be provided by AMT or competed at the customer end. The T-Model firmware update is then required for thick cover lens touch operation with support for standard glove types. If you already possess an AMT OCA-Film-Film (AFF) sensor and can add the appropriate thickness décor glass, we can provide you with the firmware update per your request. All PCI sensors and PenMount PCI touch control boards used will be current models, with the only changes being cover glass thickness of 6mm and PenMount controller firmware. Of course, if 4mm or 5mm glass is selected for use with the T-Model PCI solution, we will adjust and provide custom firmware to suit your needs.

At AMT, we prioritize the ability to anticipate customer needs. We provide total touch solutions tailored to customers’ application environments and system requirements. These solutions are robust, reliable, and easy to integrate without the need for complex adjustment, tuning, or calibration. If you are designing a ruggedized system, AMT’s T-Model PCI solution may be suitable for you. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

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