Complete PenMount Soft/Hardware Functions and Support


PenMount’s new generation of projected capacitive input (PCI) control board products began gradually shipping after last year’s Electronica in Munich, Germany. We have already obtained vigorous affirmation and praise from numerous customers. This new generation of products is designed with PenMount P2-06 and P2-08 PCI controllers. Some customers have informed us that PenMount tested better than the test results of other product standards in the field. We continue to innovate and break though technological bottlenecks and hope to satisfy the disparate requirements of the industrial and medical fields.

PenMount continues to introduce new technology. In addition to mastering software and hardware development technology, we take a personal interest in whether customers receive effective and timely support. Comprehensive controller support service includes hardware design and complete ancillary software service. Software service includes ancillary items such as firmware, utility, and driver documentation support.

In terms of firmware, PenMount’s goal is to use standard firmware to conform to different standard market requirements. We are committed to integrating various functions into one firmware version to allow customer and ourselves to only need maintain one firmware version. We are also continuing to make breakthroughs in methods of water handling. Using a next generation methodology, we have enhanced the accuracy of water detection with the goal of reducing the probability of water on the surface of the touch panel causing false touch events and increasing product operational reliability.

You may ask if PenMount supplies a comprehensive line of utilities. The answer is, of course! We have already prepared various corresponding utilities and documents to facilitate customer use and operation. PenMount utilities include: parameter setting utility, PCIMSet, remote firmware update utility, PMUpdate, touch panel characteristic measurement utility, PCIScan, etc. If you require other utilities, we are more than happy to collaborate in development and modification to allow your products to have full-spectrum support.

This month, PenMount will release our latest version driver for popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux which we already support. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system will soon arrive. Once Windows 10 launches, PenMount will very quickly release a corresponding driver. Please follow PenMount Bulletin closely for the latest information. If you do not use one of the aforementioned operating systems (i.e. Freescale MQX), you are welcomed to contact us. We will provide protocol documentation to allow you to quickly integrate system development.

You are welcomed to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at or

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