Customers Prefer AMT PCI Touch Solutions

12/07/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16023

As December ushers in winter and the Holiday Season, we look back on successful projects and the qualities that make AMT projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions the preferred choice for the medical, industrial, and commercial markets. AMT has always been a leader in touch technologies and our innovations in PCI sensors, controllers, drivers, firmware, and utilities have brought PCI touch products into high-end fields. Our products can be found from middle to high-end applications and in demanding environments. AMT reliability, flexibility, and service create products that meet the most stringent customer requirements.

AMT PCI touch panels have been successfully used in medical equipment due to meeting medical safety EN60601-1-2 testing standards. One of our new 2016 projects was an emergency medical device fitted with an AMT 10.4″ COF touch panel and 2.8mm cover lens. We customized the firmware of this unit for the customer to emphasize powerful noise resistance specifications and avoid environmental interference and other noise frequencies produced by surrounding emergency equipment. In some cases, we offer custom firmware, drivers, control boards, and sensors (either OCA-Film-Film or with Décor  Glass) for added product flexibility.

Another success story built on superior AMT customer support this year was a secure payment terminal for fuel dispensers. The 7″ PCI touch panel and PenMount COF used in this project underwent complete customization to conform to application safety requests, 2.8mm top glass thickness, and ARM platform with Win CE 6.0 operating system requirements. AMT was able to provide solutions quickly and successfully throughout the sample production and trial processes. This year, a number of AMT PCI products were compared to similar competing items. Ultimately, customers choose our solutions due to the products’ ability to meet many requirements though user-friendly firmware parameter setting and adjustment and the ability to provide a number of features simultaneously. Customers were able to launch products in a timely manner to seize market opportunities.

AMT PCI products are built for high-end applications, not consumer products. Our dedicated team ensures your projects reach fruition quickly, smoothly, and successfully. If you have any projects in the New Year, you are welcome to contact our sales representatives.

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