Large AMT GFG LR Resistive Touch Panels

04/12/2017 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE17004

AMT offers a comprehensive line of total touch solutions designed to meet requirements and environmental specifications dictated by the nature of industrial, medical, and commercial systems.  In addition to our continuously innovating line of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch products which feature noise immunity, water handling, and gloved touch support, AMT has invested effort into more types of advanced resistive touch solutions that are ready to meet the needs of customer applications.  One of AMT’s most versatile products is the glass-film-glass (GFG) resistive touch panel with a low-reflective (LR) feature.


As a natural evolution of our product design, AMT can provide GFG LR panels in sizes up to 20” (depending on the actual outer dimensions of your LCD).  While the surface durability of traditional film-glass (FG) resistive touch panels is limited by ITO film’s hardness of 3H, the 0.2mm top glass laminate of GFG LR panels raises surface hardness to 7H.  In order to enable touch products to be used outdoors, the GFG LR touchscreen adds a 1/4 lambda retarder and polarizer film to the touch panel structure and applies an AR coating to the glass surface. With GFG LR touch products, light reflectivity can be reduced to 1.5%, significantly lower than the 16% – 22% light reflectivity of standard resistive touchscreens.  In addition, touch panel light transmission is increased to 76% or more.

An EMI shielding layer can also be applied to the touch panel to further segregate noise interference emanating from neighboring electronics. This EMI shielding has been applied in projects where security is a paramount customer concern.  This makes GFG LR panels with EMI shielding economical transitional components which combine the superior EMI resistance of resistive touch technology with the durability of a glass surface.  Currently, AMT can provide GFG LR panels with EMI shielding mesh in sizes up to 20”. (depending on the actual outer dimensions of your LCD)

Our customers have integrated AMT resistive GFG LR panels into numerous real world outdoor projects requiring readability in sunlight.  The durability of GFG LR panels is also ideal for factory environments or vehicles.  Operation from -30°C to +70°C allows for low temperature operation.  In addition, customers can also utilize GFG LR panels in their system designs to meet IP65 standards for use in mining and shipping.  Touch panels meeting these specifications and functionality can be used in industrial locations such as mines, ships, power plants, ports, dry docks, sewerage treatment facilities, etc.

When optimal readability and superior noise resistance are a priority, an AMT GFG LR touch panel is the foremost choice for your system.  Now, these panels can be paired with larger applications to continue providing unparalleled reliability and durability.  AMT is committed to the long-term supply of resistive touch solutions.   If large GFG LR solutions meet your project specifications, or if you want to know more, please contact your sales representative.

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