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02/15/2017 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE17002

Since 2008, customers in North America have relied on total touch solutions provided by AMT’s U.S. subsidiary AMTouch USA. From the beginning, we have expanded our distribution and sales network and built an exceptional team to provide customers with the best touch solutions and services in the market. Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, AMTouch USA’s Customer Service, Operations, Quality Control, and Sales staff share a common mission to provide quality products, expert advice, and proactive technical support services focused on the unique needs of customers with long lifecycle designs. Our onsite warehouse stocks an inventory of standard and custom products to quickly deliver solutions for all design phases, prototype through production.

To further support our customers, AMTouch USA collaborates with many of the best North American distributors, integrators, sales representatives, and value added partners to accelerate designs into production.


As projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch technology became the preferred solution for most markets, we invested resources in promoting and developing PCI products. Leading U.S. medical and industrial equipment manufacturers benefit from AMT PCI touch panels and controllers due to our high reliability, comprehensive functionality, and excellent service. We have ready solutions and extensive experience for all the challenges of the medical and industrial fields. AMT touch panels and PenMount controllers offer a unique one-stop-touch solution for these demanding applications.

  • Noise Immunity: All AMT PCI touch solutions pass IEC 61000-4-3 RS (Radiated Susceptibility) Level III 10V/m and IEC 61000-4-6 CS (Conducted Susceptibility) Level III 10Vrms EMC test standards. Our products comply with EN60601-1-2 medical specifications and minimize noise interference between devices through frequency hopping and proprietary algorithms. Meeting these standards demonstrates to medical and industrial customers that our PCI solution is ready for their next-gen models.
  • Advanced Water Handling: PenMount controllers’ Advanced Water Handling provides “no false touch when wet” reliability in two configurable modes. Medical and Industrial applications depend on AMT PCI solutions to provide dependable water performance in challenging conditions.
  • Gloved Operation: AMT and PenMount advanced PCI solutions automatically work with multiple layers of latex medical gloves. Custom solutions can be created when cold weather or work gloves are needed.
  • Thick Cover Lens: Thicker cover glass improves robustness. Our standard solutions now support 1.1mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.8mm without special tuning and we can support up to 15mm when needed.

Medical environments have their own challenges and requirements for touch products. We understand the rigorous testing and confidence in reliability that is needed to release to market. The presence of water, saline, blood, and glove use are common variables in medical device user scenarios. AMT and PenMount have overcome these challenges. AMT PCI products are released in mass production including electrocardiograms, sonograms, and blood pressure monitors. Our PCI product line also includes support for thick cover glass which is invaluable for the industrial market, automated and ruggedized HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems. AMT PCI solutions are widely used in beverage dispensers, fuel stations, and other display terminals.

Contact AMTouch USA today. We are ready to help you through your next PCI design. We look forward to working with you!

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