PenMount Launches New Mid-Sized PCI Control Board


Looking back on 2014, last year saw PenMount work hard at laying foundations and reaping a rich harvest. PenMount tirelessly pursues innovation and the company’s achievements in the “noise handling” and “computing performance improvement” areas of projected capacitive input (PCI) controller development have been significant. Last year, PenMount was committed to the research and development of the new P2-06 and P2-08 core controller chip architecture and the PenMount PM1710 PCI Control Board showcased at Electronica 2014 was the best representation of these achievements.

Looking ahead to 2015, the PenMount PM1310 control board will be released this month which supports mid-size (8.4″-10.4″) PCI touch panels. The emphasis of the PM1310 is enhanced EMC specifications in terms of anti-noise capabilities, meeting CS level III (10Vrms) and RS level III (10V/m) standards. In addition to increasing firmware computational efficacy, new PenMount control boards also support water signal rejection and gloved operation to satisfy the needs of the mid-size PCI panel market.


The PenMount PM1310 has reduced dimensions to mitigate issues of limited system space in new customer products. In addition, the new control board maintains touch panel-end pin assignments. Thus, customers can use existing AMT PCI Touch Panel models. The followings is a comparison of PM1310 and PM1302 PCI control board functions:


This year, we hope to be able to showcase the achievements of our years of research and development, satisfy customer requirements through a series of new PenMount PCI control board products, assist customers resolve PCI product application issues, and expand PCI touch panel applications. If you require more information on PenMount products or services, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

For hardware/software information pertaining to standard PenMount products, please refer to product specifications. Product information and drivers can also be downloaded on our website: If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at or

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