PenMount PCI Controllers Add Data Encryption

10/26/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17010

PenMount has always made it our mission to support our customers in developing functions required by specialized markets and unleash their unique efficacy when using projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch systems.  Our extensive experience in the development of diverse user applications has allowed us to introduce several new features into PenMount PCI controllers and firmware.  When we key personal information such as social security, ID, bank account, and credit card numbers and accompanying passwords into ATMs or our computers we must prevent threats, including hackers and malicious background software, from constantly trying to capture this valuable data.

This situation remains unchanged when a PCI product is layered over one of these security sensitive systems.  When confidential information is inputted into a touch interface, information security must be maintained when data is passed between the PCI panel and the system.  PenMount’s product goals emphasize stability, reliability, and safety.  In order to create more secure controllers to satisfy the prerequisites of payment and private information systems, PenMount has introduced a software encryption feature into our PCI control boards and COF tails.  This entails secure data communication between touch panel and system through encrypted input and the encryption of commands from the system.  A custom PenMount driver decrypts data on the system end while the PenMount PCI controller decrypts information sent by the system to display correctly for users.  Other systems with encryption features typically have a security IC designed into their hardware circuit, PenMount encryption requires special custom drivers and firmware and is available for all operation system platforms.  No additional hardware components are necessary.

The most common use of secure communication in real world applications is in payment systems.  Currently, PenMount secured data communication has been requested for customer payment terminals.  PenMount has deployed custom drivers and firmware for the Windows CE system on the PM1410 control board and PM2251 COF tail to support the addition of secure transactions.  We provide customers with custom firmware and drivers to equip their systems with secure data communication to protect the personal information of end users.  Again, this type of encryption design requires custom PenMount firmware and drivers for different hardware platforms and operating systems such as Windows or Linux.  Firmware and drivers will also be tailored to specific applications.

PenMount’s design philosophy involves added consideration on behalf of customers and understanding real customer needs.  Through providing comprehensive touch solutions, we help customers introduce PCI touch products.  The smooth progress of your projects is our ultimate goal.  PenMount has also prepared complete utilities to satisfy your common user setting requirements and facilitate the design and development of your products.  If you have any questions or product inquiries, you are welcome to contact our sales window and we will provide you with further information.

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