PenMount PCI Controllers Possess Industrial-Grade EMC Specifications

05/18/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17005

Projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch applications are becoming more widely adopted in a number of fields as their convenient operation becomes a part of our lives.  However, PCI touch products are easily affected by electromagnetic noise interference, facilitating the appearance of false touch events in PCI devices.  We cannot sense the sources of this interference but this noise frequently foster the inability to normally operate PCI touch technology.  PenMount leads the industry in offering a PenMount PCI product line that can achieve industrial-grade EMC specifications that meet customer application requirements.

In general, EMC test specifications focus on systemic testing.  However, PCI touch panels are primarily input devices.  Thus, PCI touch solutions play an important role in EMC testing.  PenMount customer applications are frequently found in professional fields such as IPC, medical, transportation, etc.  Therefore, the PCI products provided by PenMount will consider utilizing high EMC specification design at the customer’s new product R&D stage to, not only increase the efficiency of project development verification, but also meet the safety regulations of various fields.

PenMount possesses PCI controller hardware and firmware development technologies and can pass the following EMC test standards:

  • IEC 61000-4-3: Radiated Susceptibility (RS) Level III 10 V/m, criteria “A”
  • IEC 61000-4-6: Conducted Susceptibility (CS) Level III 10 Vrms, criteria “A”

The aforementioned test specification levels are quite rigorous.  Humans cannot be in proximity to the radiated susceptibility test because it takes place in a high frequency testing area.  A conductor is used for actual operation and we obtained a Criteria “A” grade after the testing process.  This means that the PenMount PCI controller’s touch capabilities were unaffected and could be used normally during the test.  We believe, the only way to really provide industrial field customers with accurate PCI touch solutions is to offer high specification anti-noise protection to reduce the chances of false touch events caused by interference.

Our customers tell us that PCI controllers from other manufacturers can pass EMC RS and CS Level III standards but their PCI functions will either be limited or requires some type of compromise such as reduced touch sensitivity, impaired water handling, or absence of gloved touch functionality.  PenMount PCI products emphasize the fact that our PCI line, not only meet EMC RS and CS Level III standards, but can simultaneously achieve the reliability level of “no false touch when wet” performance and gloved touch support.  These are the requirements that can be met with standard PenMount PCI hardware and firmware!

The main functions provided by PenMount PCI touch solutions are as follows:

  1. Meets industrial-grade EMC RS and CS Level III standards.
  2. “No false touch when wet” in the presence of water or outdoors.
  3. Supports PCI touch panels with thick top glass.
  4. Supports gloved touch.
  5. Provides friendly utilities for convenient customer-end parameter adjustment.

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