PenMount PCI Controllers Support Multiple Glass Thicknesses

02/23/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17002

When a projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch product is used in a public KIOSK, supermarket POS machine, open air gaming facility, vending machine, etc., it is likely that these devices will encounter rough operation or impacts from various objects.  Thus, a PCI touch product that possesses a powerful protective mechanism is a vital option.  PenMount PCI touch controllers can provide a corresponding solution focused on various glass thicknesses to, not only reduce the shatter risk of product cover glass, but also simultaneously enhance product durability.

In general, as the thickness of cover glass increases, the quality of the touch signal that can be received by the controller decreases.  PenMount has overcome technical bottlenecks to provide customers with the best touch control experience.  Through excellent chip performance and the use of unique firmware algorithms, we have enhanced PCI touch signal quality, optimized S/N ratio design, and significantly reduce noise interference.  Paired with a specially designed PCI touch panel, not only can the touch signal be accurately controlled, touch stability can also be achieved.  This is the greatest value of the total PCI touch solution we provide!

PenMount can provide the following three solutions based on different PCI touch panel cover glass thicknesses:

  1. Standard Firmware
    Standard PenMount PCI controller firmware which supports 1.1mm, 1.8mm, and 2.8mm cover glass thicknesses for touch panel sizes from 3.5” to 24”.
  2. T-Model Firmware
    Standard PenMount T-Model firmware paired with standard PM1310/ PM1410/ PM1710/ PM1711 series controllers can support a cover glass thickness of 6mm for touch panel sizes from 8.4” to 24”.
  3. Custom Firmware
    If you require cover glass thicknesses of 4.0mm or 5.0mm, you can use standard PenMount PCI controller products and the custom firmware we provide.  If you require cover glass over 7.0mm thick, we suggest using a standard PenMount PCI controller product paired with a customized PCI touch panel and custom firmware.

In an actual case, PenMount recently coordinated with a customer to apply a PCI touch product to kitchen equipment.  We utilized a PenMount PM1310 control board paired with a customized 21.5” PCI touch panel and 1.8mm thick cover glass as the basic design architecture.  An additional 5.0mm thick pane of mirrored glass provided by the customer was laminated onto this 21.5” touch panel for a total glass thickness of 7.0mm.  The customer was very satisfied with the touch control performance PenMount was able to demonstrate after seeing our presentation.  This also inspired and affirmed our efforts to create ruggedized touch solutions.

PenMount’s design philosophy involves added consideration on behalf of customers and understanding real customer needs.  Through providing comprehensive touch solutions, we help customers introduce PCI touch products.  The smooth progress of your projects is our ultimate goal.  PenMount has also prepared complete utilities to satisfy your common user setting requirements and facilitate the design and development of your products.  If you have any questions or product inquiries, you are welcome to contact our sales window and we will provide you with further information.

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