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01/14/2016 | Bulletin No. : PMY16001

With the arrival of the New Year 2016, PenMount wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!

PenMount has been in the touch controller business for 24 years and the types of real-life applications utilized by our customer base are varied and diverse. PenMount continues to lead the market in projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP touch) controller design and specifications and our niche is listening to customers’ voices and requirements. PenMount is happy to work and grow with customers to create a win-win for everyone. As the New Year begins, we would like to share some successful PenMount projects.

Many PenMount applications are utilized in vehicles and include airplane cabin instruments, ship navigation, automotive devices, etc. These are all non-consumer products. Therefore, when customers select products and suppliers, they place great importance on product reliability and standards. The ability to provide long-term supply is also an important indicator. One international automotive device customer requested E/e Mark certification. This certification focuses on automotive device safety standards. PenMount PCI touch controller and firmware modification according to E/e Mark requirements allowed PenMount products to meet this standard. We have already successfully mass produced the product for stable long-term delivery to the customer. PenMount PCI products are seen on aircraft maintenance machinery and equipment with high safety requirements. We also provide a stable and long-term supply of airplane maintenance testing devices.

When PenMount PCI controllers were the first to pass IEC 60601-1-2 2004 medical product certification, it was very important information for our customers and major affirmation for us. There are many medical devices that generate high frequency interference in medical environments. PenMount PCI products have already been successfully utilized in ultrasound treatment instruments, rehabilitation equipment, medical displays, POC (Point of Care) devices, etc. This shows that PenMount PCI touch controllers’ frequency hopping technology is very advanced. False touch signals will not be generated in high frequency interference environments. The hardware and firmware combination of standard PenMount PCI products can satisfy the specification requirements of most industrial and medical products. At the same time, flexible customization is also key to PenMount’s competitive strength.

Another customer application is utilized in a public setting. This product must be paired with 10mm thick glass to meet safety and shatter requirements. PenMount introduced OEM firmware to meet this thick cover glass requirement. Every success story is a result of cooperation with customers and are experiences that PenMount cherishes. If your project also has special specification requirements, you are welcome to contact us. PenMount’s core spirit is the pursuit of excellence and continued diligence. We will continue to accumulate experience and innovate. PenMount is your reliable long-term partner.

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