PenMount PCIScan Testing Utility

10/15/2015 | Bulletin No. : PMY15010

PenMount Projected Capacitive Input (PCI of PCAP touch) products are already extensively utilized in diverse fields such as industrial computers, healthcare, and mass transit systems. When touch panels are used in different environments, we use the PCIScan utility to assist customers in rapidly testing PCI touch panel functions and it is one of the services provided by PenMount.

When customers receive our products, they can use PCIScan to test these incoming items. If any touch issues are discovered after installation to the system housing, PCIScan can also be used to inspect the PCI touch panel. PCIScan is also a very useful utility when end users need to repair touch panels after a period of use. PCIScan allows customers to learn the status of PCI touch products at any time and accelerate the timeliness of inspection and problem identification.

The PenMount PCIScan utility can operate in the Windows OS with functions including testing and verifying PCI touch panels. PCIScan can also be used in customer end production lines to confirm functionality. The PCIScan utility provided the following four primary functions:

  • Diagnose: basic function testing, verifies whether PCI touch panel electrical features are within the normal default range.
  • Draw Test: this function is used in customers’ production lines. Clicking and line drawing actions can be performed on the PCI touch panel to verify whether PCI touch panel functionality is normal.
  • Live Test: this function can be used in long duration environmental reliability tests and facilitates the observation and recording of PCI touch panel status.
  • Noise Level: used to observe the current environmental noise interference affecting the PCI touch panel. If discovered, noise sources must be further identified and then removed.

PenMount has also prepared a utility that provides PCIScan functionality for the Linux OS. If you require this utility, please contact our sales staff.

PenMount’s design philosophy involves additional consideration from customers’ perspectives, providing comprehensive touch solutions, and helping customers to successfully introduce PCI applications. PenMount provides customers with reliable and convenient touch products and comprehensive tools to satisfy your common usage requirements and facilitate product development. If you have any questions or request, you are welcome to contact us to obtain more information.

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