PenMount Releases PM1410 Mid/Large sized PCI Control Board


PenMount released the PM1710 large-sized (17″ – 24″) and PM1310 mid-sized (8.4″ -10.4″) PCI touch control boards in November 2014 and January 2015, respectively. Subsequently, both these products won acknowledgement and praise from customers. In order to provide customers with more comprehensive product services, we will release the PM1410 PCI control board for mid/large sized (12.1″ – 15.6″) PCI touch panels. This board is a continuation of new controller design, utilizes a twin PenMount P2-08 controller structure, and adopts the latest frequency hopping algorithm to successfully control the effect of noise interference on PCI products and false touch signals. With the release of the PM1410, PenMount’s third generation PCI control boards will comprehensively support PCI touch panels from 8.4″ to 24″. Performance of noise and water handling functionality has also been greatly enhanced.

PenMount PM1410

The new PenMount PM1410 PCI control board also uses Microchip microprocessors, employs the latest built-in proprietary PenMount firmware, and provides the USB/ RS232/ I2C/ UART interfaces. The PM 1410 also differs from the PM1401 in terms of physical attributes. The size of the board has been reduced to 90 x 30 mm and the tail has been modified to a 60-pin and 40 pin connector. Sample rate can reach approximately 160 sps (single-point) and 5-point operation is stable and smooth.

The PenMount 1410 has passed EMC Level III testing including RS and CS tests at the 10V testing criterion. Since PenMount can satisfy the EMC safety testing requirements of customers in the industrial, commercial, and medical fields, we will be gradually introducing complementary touch panels soon to facilitate smooth integration into new customer projects. PenMount provides customers with complete solutions including hardware, firmware, software, and utilities. PenMount has also made significant progress in terms of water handling. Since water is a conductor, it frequently causes false touches and difficulties in interpreting touch signals. PenMount has broken through the bottleneck of identifying water on PCI touch panels. In the future, we will gradually release new firmware to solve the water issue.

PenMount will be attending Computex 2015 with AMT. We will exhibit new functions and developmental results including water handling and thick glass applications. You are welcome to visit our booth to experience these functions. Listening to the voices of customers and understanding and satisfying customer requirements is the impetus behind PenMount’s constant breakthroughs. We are looking forward to seeing you at Computex!


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