PenMount Supports Microsoft Windows 10 OS

11/12/2015 | Bulletin No. : PMY15011

PenMount touch controllers and drivers have been on the market for 22 years. We support the two major touch technologies used in resistive touch panels and projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP touch) touch panels. Our products are continuously innovative with sustained updates and improvement to functionality. A comprehensive touch solution not only includes the touch panel, touch controller, and firmware, it also encompasses operating system driver support. PenMount support for operating systems is very extensive, not only including Microsoft operating systems but also Linux and Android systems. Recently, Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system and PenMount drivers can already support this new OS.

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft began to define touch hardware certification. Windows 8.1 OEM version barred devices that have not obtained Microsoft hardware certification from utilizing touch applications. This limitation caused our customers to be unable to use PenMount devices in the Window 8.1 OEM OS. In October of this year, Microsoft has abolished this restriction. Customers only need to update their Microsoft system and they will be able to use PenMount touch devices in Windows 8.1 OEM version. You can reference Trouble Shooting – For Windows item 7 on the PenMount website where we provide relevant links and explanations.

The Windows 10 operating system hardware certification program requires multi-point operation but Windows 10 does not restrict touch devices without hardware certification from using the Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, PenMount resistive controllers that only support single-point operation can use Windows 10. Some customers wish to use some of the software functions offered by the Tablet PC application built into Windows 10 such as automatically bringing up the virtual keyboard when selecting the input area, direct scrolling in the IE browser’s display content area, swipe from edge to bring up the action center, etc. You only need to select the Microsoft Gesture option during the PenMount driver installation process to use the above items.

In terms of PenMount PCI, the types of gestures used in Windows 10 are approximately the same as the gestures in Windows 8. However, changes to the protocol supported by the Microsoft gesture recognition engine will cause certain application to be unable to use two-finger gestures such as Photos, Reader, News, etc. We expect to modify the PenMount driver to overcome this problem and will officially release this new driver version on 11/30 of this year. If you require this new driver, please contact our sales representatives.

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