Revisiting PenMount Highlights at electronica 2016

11/17/2016 | Bulletin No. : PMY16011

Last week (November 8 – November 11), PenMount collaborated with AMT to jointly exhibit projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panel products at electronica 2016 in Munich, Germany. We showcased our latest product features and architecture, showing PenMount PCI controllers can support small/medium/large PCI touch panels while also simultaneously possess many special and unique functions. Our PM1310 PCI control board paired with a 21.5″ PCI touch panel mounting a 10mm thick cover lens attracted the most attention. Due to this unit’s simultaneous glove operation and water handling features, visitors were able to use the touch panel while gloved and with water on the touch surface. This superior touch functionality earned much praise and acclamation from guests at the exhibition.


PenMount PCI touch controllers can simultaneously support thick cover class, gloved operation, and advanced water handling. In contrast, the 10.1″ PCI touch panel with 9.8mm thick cover glass presented by another manufacturer offered 2-point gesture operation but could not simultaneously provide gloved operation or water handling. A third manufacturer showcased a 15.6″ PCI touch panel with 12mm thick glass. This unit could only boast single-point operation with significant near-field effect. Touch signals were generated before operators’ fingers touched the panel surface. In comparison, PenMount PCI controller features are far superior.

Furthermore, another powerful feature offered by PenMount is PCI controller parameters that do not require a complicated and tedious setting process. We provide user-friendly utilities to allow distributors and system integrators to easily adjust required parameters (i.e. touch points, water handling, etc.) and quickly integrate PenMount PCI products. We have already designed advanced frequency hopping technology into PenMount PCI controller firmware which allows our PCI products to meet most application environment specifications. Even when employed in an industrial environment, our products are highly resistant to mechanical and radiated noise interference. PenMount constantly positions itself in the customer’s perspective and considers the customer’s standpoint to create comprehensive touch solutions that can satisfy customer needs.

At electronica 2016, PenMount showcased the PenMount PM1711 PCI controller supporting a large-size 32″ PCI touch solution for the first time. Systems such as fast food automated order kiosks and public information query stations require large PCI touch panels and PenMount PCI controllers are ready to satisfy these requirements.

In addition, our new 15.6″ PCI touch solution paired with a PenMount PM7200 control board incorporating an Atmel controller can support PCI touch panels from 12.1″ to 24.0″. The advantages of Atmel controllers are multi-touch support and professional water signal processing. Since Atmel simultaneously employs self and mutual detection, it can effectively differentiate water and finger signals. PenMount is currently working actively with Atmel to give customers more options in the future.

Once again, we would like to thank all the guests who attended electronica 2016. PenMount treasures every opportunity to meet with you and this also represents the spirit we have always upheld: listen to customers’ voices and understand market needs! PenMount will continue to focus on the specifications and functions of PCI touch products to provide better quality products and services.

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