Standard AMT Touch Panel Solutions

03/15/2017 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE17003

As a leading supplier of total touch solutions to industrial, medical, and commercial markets, AMT is committed to providing the best products while promoting efficiency and sustainability.  AMT touch panels are available in a comprehensive line of standard sizes and standard product functions/specifications can easily satisfy customer expectations and industrial standard requirements.   AMT’s standard product line allows customers to streamline integration and shorten product to market timeline.

AMT’s current line of standard products was designed to match the dimensions and aspect ratios of the most commonly used industrial LCD panels from popular brands, allowing customers to pair most off-the-shelf LCD panels with their chosen AMT touch sensors.  AMT also maintains a set inventory of our standard product line according to customer needs that can be delivered quickly to ease the burden of stocking.  Our standard sensors require no tooling fees, reducing the cost of your product development.

AMT has manufactured resistive touch panels for over 18 years.  Our standard resistive product line features models from 3” to 24” including mainstay 4,5, and 8 wire FG (film-glass) resistive touch panels and advanced resistive offerings such as GFG (glass-film-glass) panels, LR (low reflective ) panels, and Framed Touch panels.  PenMount touch controllers also provide a complete set of hardware, software, and drivers for operating systems from the earliest DOS systems to the latest Windows 10 systems as well as Linux and Android.

In terms of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels, we provide products from 3.5” to 32” and a PCI COF (Chip on Flex) option for 3.5” to 10.4” panels. In order to support our VAR customers, our A/F/F (OCA-film-film) panel gives customers the flexibility to laminate cover glass locally or utilize a number of our standard cover glass thicknesses from 1.1mm to 2.8mm.  Our top glass options include chemically or physically strengthened glass, black frame, color logos, numerous surface treatments, buttons, and other features. All standard AMT touch panels are paired with PenMount controllers.  The combination of standard AMT touch sensors, standard PenMount controllers, and standard PenMount firmware provide customers with complete and high specification touch products.

AMT continues to innovate and achieve new breakthroughs in touch technology.  We make advanced functions standard to provide customers with the most flexible, reliable, and durable total touch solutions on the market.  AMT is a one-stop-shop able to supply touch panels, controllers, firmware, drivers, and utilities to provide you with the most complete touch solutions available, dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the development of your new products.

AMT is one of the few touch solution manufacturers who not only provide total solutions but also take customer-side business into account and stock popular standard touch panel sizes for easy ordering.  All the details of our standard stock touch panel items are on our website including size, active area, outside dimensions, and specifications for customer selection. Finding a standard AMT touch product for your new project is easy.  If you have a project in development or any inquiries please contact our sale representatives.

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