AMT Advanced Resistive Touch Panels Go Everywhere

11/08/2017 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE17013

The full line of AMT advanced resistive touch solutions is built to satisfy the application requirements of our diverse customer base.  These touch panels utilize 4-, 5-, and 8-wire design and possess additional features when compared to standard Film-Glass (FG) resistive touch panels.  Currently, AMT advanced resistive touch panels include: Low Reflective (LR), Glass-Film-Glass (GFG), GFG LR, and true flat (Touch Window or Framed Touch) products.  Our design development is based on functionality and quality and AMT advanced resistive touch solutions provide unrivaled durability and reliability through stringent research, testing, and the use of optimum materials.  From impact, water, temperature, and chemical resistance to sunlight readability, our touch solutions supply the requisite tools to complete any mission.

AMT glass-film-glass (GFG) resistive touch panels enhance the traditional film-glass (FG) resistive panel’s ITO film hardness of 3H with a 0.2mm glass laminate to achieve surface durability of Mohs 5.  Compared to standard resistive products, a GFG touch panel resists scratches, high temperatures, and chemicals (i.e.: sulfuric acid, diesel, kerosene, etc.) and the surface is easy to clean and rugged.  GFG resistive touch panels can also be paired with customer mechanisms to meet IP65 standards against dust and liquids to ensure smooth operation in the most demanding of environments.

A low reflective touch panel effectively reduces light reflectivity to 1.5% while maintaining up to 76% light transmission.  In addition to standard low reflective touch panels, our GFG resistive touch panels can also utilize low reflective design by incorporating a polarizer and retarder film with an AR coating on the thin top glass.  We refer to this product as a GFG LR resistive touch panel.  An EMI shielding layer can also be integrated into a GFG LR resistive touch panel to reduce the effect of interference from the LCD.  This type of GFG LR product with EMI shielding is popular with customers due to the combination of anti-noise capabilities, glass surface durability, and low reflective properties.

In terms of operating devices outdoors, we also provide resistive touch panels with anti-UV designs.  AMT UV blocker film extends the lifespan of touch panels in outdoor theaters of operations, preventing the UV induced hazing, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking that adversely impact touch panel appearance.  In order to conform to the no-bezel design prevalent among modern products, AMT supplies true-flat touch panels, Touch Window and Framed Touch.  The topmost layer of a Touch Window panel is a graphic overlay laminated to the resistive touch panel while a frame is printed directly onto the ITO film surface of Framed Touch products.  We also provide PenMount resistive touch controllers as an option for customers.  Whether 4-, 5- or 8-wire touch, PenMount is a sound choice for resistive touch solutions.

Whether land, sea, or air, AMT total touch solutions are your comrades in arms dedicated to unlocking the greatest potential of your project.  Our range of valued-added resistive touch panels can be engineered to meet the widest scope of customer needs for use in power plants, port facilities, ship building, sewerage treatment, oil, gas, quarries, sports facilities, and more.  If you would like to know more about our line of resistive touch solutions, please contact our sales representatives.

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