AMT Continues Environmental Commitment


AMT has long been committed to minimizing the impact of our business on the environment and the conservation of the planet’s resources. Our dedication is evident in our continuous efforts to reduce electricity usage, water consumption, and carbon footprint, introduction of ISO standards, and the recognition of a bronze medal from the 23rd ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award last year. The ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award represents the highest honor for corporate promotion of environmental issues.


In Q1 2015, AMT used 17.48% less electricity compared to same period last year. This achievement can, in part, be attributed to improved air conditioning allocation and suspension of redundant equipment, such as water cooling fixtures, to reach the lowest level required for operational efficacy. Currently, AMT is assessing and testing the efficiency of T1 and flat LED lamps as replacements for current T8 fluorescent lamps to effect further electrical conservation. We reduce equipment power use at the source by choosing highly efficient energy saving devices to effectively implement energy management.

In terms of water consumption, the company has already adjusted production line water usage to the lowest level possible to sustain operations. New machines such as automated glass washing equipment are also required to utilize recycled water loops. To curb personal water consumption, water saving devices have been installed on faucets and toilets use production line waste water for flushing. In addition, we collect rainwater to water surrounding plant life. AMT is committed to the spirit of recycling and recovery, treasures every water resource, and applies these principles to every detail of daily life.

This year, solid waste has been reduced from four truckloads per day to three through more stringent garbage separation and compacting. AMT is currently introducing ISO 50001 and applying for the 24th ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award. In addition, on March 18 and 19 this year, company personnel participated in a tree-planting activity hosted by Dawulun Industrial Park to demonstrate our spirit of volunteerism and introduce more greenery into our environment. Furthermore, March was AMT’s environmental awareness month marked by a poster competition, slogan competition, and a chemical spill drill and training. These activities generated spirited participation and praise from the entire AMT staff.


AMT adheres to the environmental policy of “legal compliance, waste and energy conservation, and sustainable development.” We believe that business growth can occur in harmony with the environment and we are always ready to do our part to make the world more sustainable. Therefore, we continue to work hard for our company, colleagues, and customers to create win-win-win projects while maintaining the beauty of our communities.

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