AMT Employee Excursion 2016

10/05/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16019

Every year, AMT offers many activities to employees such as a sports competition, volunteer opportunities, arts performances, health lectures, and more. In addition to promoting the physical and mental health of our colleagues, these events also reinforce the cohesion of the entire staff. At the end of last month, the company’s welfare committee organized foreign and domestic employee excursions focused on rest and relaxation for the participants’ bodies and minds. This year, we planned a total of four itineraries including five days in Tokyo, Japan, three days in the Hualien-Taitung region, three days at Sun Moon Lake and Sitou, and two days in the Xinshe District of Taichung. Due to the unexpected arrival of Category 3 Typhoon Megi, we made the impromptu decision to postpone the Xinshe, Taichung itinerary to the end of October while the Sun Moon Lake and Hualien-Taitung itineraries were adjusted to accommodate the storm. Employees participating in the domestic excursions enjoyed the first day and all returned home safely as Typhoon Megi made landfall.

A total of 38 employees and family members joined the Tokyo group. This group visited a number of famous tourist attractions including the ancient Sensō-ji, the world’s tallest free-standing radio tower – Tokyo Skytree, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in Tokyo Waterfront City, and the perennial destination for young and old – Disneyland. In addition, employees toured scenic hot springs in the Hakone region, cruised on a replica 17th century European pirate ship, wandered on beautiful Lake Ashi, and marveled at Japan’s tallest mountain Mount Fuji. This panoramic view of lake and mountain coupled with a leisurely pace encouraged participants to forget their troubles.


This year, there were a total of 86 participants in the Hualien-Taitung excursion. In the past, our vacationers arrived in Hualien either by train or tour bus but, this time, we embarked from Yilan’s Su’ao Port on the Natchan RERA Ferry and journeyed to Hualien by sea. This ferry not only provides passenger service, it can also accommodate cars and tour buses. This unique mode of transport afforded our employees with a perfect prelude by offering an extended view of Taiwan’s beautiful eastern shoreline. After reaching Hualien, our vacationers hopped on electric bicycles to tour Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort’s petting zoo. This slow walk through nature was rejuvenating for mind and body. On day two, our colleagues experienced local specialties, hand-dying handkerchiefs with plant dyes in Fenglin and sampling the wild vegetables of the Fata’an wetlands. As Megi loomed over the island, our vacationers ended the second day of this excursion by boarding a train back to Taipei and Keelung ahead of the typhoon’s Tuesday landfall.


Situated in Nantou County, Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s most popular destinations for foreign and domestic tourists. This year, a total of 35 AMT employees participated in this trip. Sun Moon Lake is the second largest lake in Taiwan and is named for the different water colors in its northern and southern sections. Our employees relaxed while circumnavigating the lake on bicycles. Several hundred meters of bicycle paths extend onto the lake surface, providing stunning views of the water’s beauty. In addition, the itinerary took our vacationers to the Japanese style Momotaro Village and Yokai Village. Later, participants enjoyed the flora and fauna of the Xitou Nature Education Area. With Typhoon Megi’s imminent arrival, we immediately headed north for home on day three. Even though the third day of this trip was cancelled, everyone was thankful to arrive home safely after a harrowing and memorable drive through the storm.


During this period of employee excursions, a number of company staff members remained at their posts to ensure timely product delivery and provide customers with uninterrupted service and support. Short term rest looks forward to the long road ahead. After much rest and relaxation, our reinvigorated staff is ready to continue offering the best touch product features and charge ahead to welcome the challenges awaiting us as 2016 comes to a close.

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