AMT Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility

06/22/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16012

One part of AMT’s corporate philosophy is “fulfilling social responsibility”. We not only focus on researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing high quality touch products, we also consider ways to protect the environment, reduce pollution, and conserve energy in the production process. Moreover, AMT spares no effort in caring for society’s underprivileged. Mr. Greg Lin is responsible for the company’s relevant outreach to disadvantaged groups. In addition to donating money and goods to organizations or individuals in need, we also encourage AMT employees to participate in volunteer work. Through real caring and loving action, we hope to understand the needs of disadvantaged groups and spread caring and warmth to all corners of society.

Our company provides assistance to a number of social service organizations on a yearly basis. For example, we provide volunteers to the Beiji Community Care Association located in the Wanli District of New Taipei City which has long assisted in the care of that community’s elderly by providing them with meal services. AMT has joined their ranks to make sure the elderly in this community can receive warm meals and care.


Furthermore, the Daniel A. Poling Memorial Babies’ Home is Taiwan’s only organization accommodating mentally and physically disabled orphans. Currently, the institution houses 106 severely handicapped orphans. The Daniel A. Poling Memorial Babies’ Home uses loving attention to give these children a warm shoulder and embrace and support these brave orphans to face another day. Since the Babies’ Home must transport low-mobility children safely to school or to the hospital for medical attention or rehabilitation, AMT has donated a transport vehicle to allow the Babies’ Home’s children to continue receiving safe and secure transportation and care.

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families has provided services in Keelung for 65 years. This organization primary assists low income families and children in Keelung City, New Taipei City, and certain remote areas and provides economic, medical, entertainment, counseling, and other services. Every month, we dispatch volunteer employees on the last Friday of the month to help the family support center distribute relief goods to disadvantaged families. This year, more than 40 employees have already participated in this activity.


In Hualien, Taitung, and Pingtung, there are a number of schools or indigenous tribes who require milk to supplement the nutrition of school soccer teams, wish to implement afterschool tutoring to help children strengthen academic performance, or need funding to allow students to participate in sports competitions, etc. We are constantly grateful for our customers who allow us to help these needy groups.

After participating in these meaningful activities, we hope our employees develop a sense of gratitude and spread the virtues of goodness to others. We further hope that these volunteer services will allow all people and communities to build positive relationships. It is a greater blessing to give than to receive. Let us help those in need together and give our society positive growth and strength.

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