AMT implements Total Quality Management

01/21/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15002

In November 2014, AMT decided to adopt the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach and set this methodology as a defining objective for 2015. The long-term, cooperative, planned, holistic approach to business exemplified by TQM has long been an attribute of AMT’s corporate culture. Thus, the opportunity to formally embrace TQM will only strengthen AMT’s participative management, continuous process improvement, and teamwork.

In order to maximize the benefits to product quality, the TQM team has formulated several measures focused on optimizing AMT’s production process. The following are our 3 primary measures while the remaining measures will be shared in a future newsletter:

  1. Implement the 5S methodology in cleanroom operations. 5S is a workplace organization method that emphasizes efficiency and efficacy through identifying, storage, and maintenance of work space and items. Since a touch panel is a transparent item, any minute discrepancy must be spotted immediately and a streamlined production environment contributes immeasurably to this aspect of quality control. In January, the Quality Control section and production managers will assess the organization of the cleanrooms to set 5S standards and generate a 5S self-inspection form. Starting in February, line operators will engage in a 5S compliance competition to strengthen the complete implementation of this methodology. This competition will be team based with rules laid out by the company and awards for the winners.
  2. Follow up on production abnormalities. The production line will formulate and implement a system to identify, track, explain, and resolve production abnormalities. Though we already analyze abnormal production batches, we wish to use TQM methodology to perform a more precisely analysis to apply to abnormal production processes.
  3. Establish a “Sherlock Holmes” unit. An investigative unit has been formed to identify the root causes of persistent problematic issues, resolve these items, and prevent future occurrences.

From the company’s inception, AMT has maintained quality as its foremost goal and raison d’être. We will continue to emphasize the ideas inherent in the management philosophy of TQM to add value to our customers’ products and ensure further successes in the future. AMT has always been happy to share the fruits of our labors with our discriminating clients.

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