AMT Lays Out Vision for 2015


The curtain has fallen on 2014 and since last year was particularly event-filled for the touch industry, it will be marked as a special year. Last year was a very challenging year for all touch panel manufactures. Expecting tremendous growth in the demand for touch screens, touch screen manufacturers and upstream material suppliers scrambled to increase capacity in 2012. However, increasing demand for consumer touch screens did not keep pace with skyrocketing capacity, leading to supply far outstripping demand. This further resulted in the failure of a number of industry peers in Asia in 2014 while the remainder saw their debt/asset ratios increase significantly.

As is our wont, AMT stood resolute, weathered the storm, and emerged stronger than ever financially and operationally. We observed several phenomena in 2014 and the company is currently preparing our long term strategy. For nearly 15 years, AMT’s unwavering focus on our chosen markets in the industrial and medical fields has ensured stable growth while mitigating the risks associated with boom and bust consumer trends.

Looking ahead to 2015, AMT understands that, as the technology continues to mature, the future of touch panels will be inexorably intertwined with projective capacitive input (PCI). Therefore, in addition to renewing our dedication to the company’s core resistive touch products, AMT will also introduce a series of new PCI products in the New Year to meet the demands of the market and our customers. Furthermore, it hardly need be said that AMT will persist in our commitment to the industrial and medical markets.

In addition, AMT will establish a new company division to assist in our long term PCI development. The primary responsibility of this new division will be ensuring the competitiveness and longevity of future AMT products according to plans formulated by the company. Moreover, AMT exports have exceeded domestic sales for the past 3 years and, since business practices are quite different outside of Asia, we are compiling more application notes and white papers to meet the requirements of international customers.

AMT’s philosophy for 2015 is “Know yourself, know others to create a win-win situation.” In the spirit of this idea, we will refocus on our core operations and customers, introduce new products, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. Continue reading this newsletter for all the exciting new developments in the New Year. Once again, AMT and all of our staff wish you a successful, healthy, and prosperous 2015.

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