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11/19/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15022

In the last issue of the AMT Newsletter, we discussed the features of our 3rd generation control boards paired with a full range of standard projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels. In addition to choosing standard AMT products, customers can design their own custom panels to conform more closely to their product requirements. Moreover, we have already built-in certain necessary features into standard PenMount firmware. Normally, regular customers do not need specially designed firmware. However, customized firmware is also available for 3rd generation PenMount control boards to meet special customer requests.

PenMount’s 3rd generation PM1X10 series control boards support panel sizes from 5″ to 24″. AMT developed proprietary know-how allows us to offer a total touch solution that includes in-house panels and control boards. Of course, panel design and control board selection will change depending on customer requirements such as size, operating environment conditions, and specific application specifications. We have already designed standard products for all sizes of industrial or medical application PCI touch panels. Please visit our website for all PCI touch panel product sizes.

Customers can choose to use our standard firmware with five unique features or AMT can design custom firmware based on customers’ environmental requirements. System integrators can perform further customization by adjusting controller parameters with PenMount’s easy to use utilities. The biggest difference between AMT and other companies is that we provide one type of firmware and this firmware already has several critical features built-in. Distributors or system integrators only need to perform parameter adjustment from an easy to use user interface. However, in the touch panel industry, panel manufacturers and controller suppliers are separate companies. Customers must communicate and coordinate with both panel manufacturers and controller suppliers before the controller suppliers can adjust necessary functions to meet customer requirements.

AMT is able to produce diverse products in low quantities because we primarily manufacture PCI touch panels with two layers of conductive film. The ITO film sensing layer has the advantage of being easily adhered to the cover lens. AMT can provide semi-finished PCI touch panels with an AFF (OCA-film-film) construction which allows customers to attach their own décor glass. AMT also provides finished PCI touch panels with a GFF (Glass-Film-Film) construction and décor glass. Currently, décor glass can be plain or printed in a number of colors and can include customer logos. Décor glass can be locally sourced or manufactured and provided by AMT. Of course, there are many other décor glass specifications and we will provide this information in future editions of this newsletter.

As a touch total solution provider, AMT endeavors to provide customers with custom services and products to fulfill their needs. If you need PCI touch solutions customized for your system please contact AMT sales representatives.

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