AMT PCI Offers High-Spec Noise-Immunity

07/22/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15014

In the previous AMT newsletter, we discussed the characteristics of AMT’s turnkey projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) total touch solution. Our products are ready-to-use in numerous applications and environments right out-of-the-box. There is no need for complicated configuration or adjustment because we have already anticipated your needs.

One of the major issues facing PCI touch products is environmental noise. For example, there are numerous medical devices present in hospitals from surgery to consultation to sick rooms. Some of this equipment will generate Medium Frequency (MF) noise. PCI touch products are most prone to incorrect signals generated by noise interference in this wavelength which can, subsequently, have serious unknown effects. In the industrial field, a PCI touchscreen equipped HMI is vulnerable to environmental noise. The aforementioned issues are also prevalent in the transportation environment.

AMT’s turnkey PCI touch solutions are equipped to filter out frequently encountered noise frequencies by default. An AMT touch panel paired with a PenMount PM1710 control board conforms to IEC 60601-1-2 Edition 4.0 medical safety standards, can pass radiated RF immunity testing from 9V to 28V in a 385MHz to 6000MHz range, and is ready-to-use in medical systems.

AMT PCI products have also obtained third party EMC certification, passing IEC 61000-4-3 radiated susceptibility testing level III and IEC 61000-4-6 conducted susceptibility level III. Level III refers to a testing standard of 10V. Passing these PCI product testing specifications were required by most major industrial product brand customers worldwide. All aforementioned performance is at the Criteria A level which stipulates normal touch function after testing. In addition, in order to obtain E/e Mark certifications (e-Mark EU certification, E-Mark Certification of Economic Commission for Europe required for vehicles and related products legally sold in Europe) for automotive applications, AMT PCI solutions have also passed radiated susceptibility tests at 60V/m stripline and 100V/m free field.

As you can see, AMT’s turnkey PCI touch solutions are well equipped to handle a wide range of interference-prone environments without additional adjustment. The goal of AMT is to provide customers with powerful features that do not require a large investment of time and resources. We continuously improve the EMC performance of our products to meet more challenging environments and applications. If you have unique requests, please feel free to contact your sales representative.

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