AMT PCI Solution Features Sweep the Competition like a Sword and Shield

04/20/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16008

Ancient warriors frequently equip themselves with a combination of sword and shield to capitalize on the best balance of offense and defense. Both the Roman Legionnaire and Medieval Knight evoke an image of unparalleled might and fortitude. Similarly, AMT projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions support standard features that both protect against noise interference and allow customers to operate touch systems while wearing gloves. We use the metaphor of “carrying a sword in one hand” to describe the advanced features of operation while gloved or with a thick PCI top glass surface and “holding a shield in the other” as the protection offered by noise-handling and the ability to withstand the effects of water. AMT’s reliable and durable PCI touch panels allow your products to deploy the most powerful diverse functions in various application environments.


In terms of application environments, AMT offers the protection system of advanced EMC and water handling features to conquer the natural enemy of PCI panels by protecting touch operation from ambient noise and errant liquids. AMT PCI touch panels paired with PenMount PM1210/ PM1310/ PM1410/ PM1710/ PM1711 control boards and PM2203B COF (Chip On Flex PCB) controllers meet IEC 61000-4-3 RS (Radiated Susceptibility) Level III 10V/m and IEC 61000-4-6 CS (Conducted Susceptibility) Level III 10Vrms EMC test standards. In addition, AMT PCI touch solutions provide “no false touch when wet” reliability through the WD (Water Detection) and WP (Water Performance) water handling modes. In Water Detection mode, touch operation is automatically suspended when there is liquid on the touch surface and resumes when the surface is dried. In Water Performance mode, touch operation is suspended in wet areas when there is liquid on the touch surface, no false touches are generated in wet areas, and single point touch operation remains available in dry areas.

In terms of operating functionality, AMT offers the advanced features of gloved operation and operation when the PCI touch surface is thick cover glass. AMT PCI touch solutions allow users to continue operating the touch panel while wearing most glove types including, leather work gloves, rubber cleaning gloves, wool cold weather gloves, and silicone or latex medical gloves. Currently, standard PenMount firmware can support cover glass thicknesses up to 2.8mm including 1.1mm and 1.8mm. This is a useful option for applications that require extra durability such as systems exposed to the elements or located in high traffic areas. If your touch application requires 4mm or 6mm top glass, we can also provide an appropriate solution.

AMT PCI touch solutions are the best combination of sword and shield, offering powerful protection while allowing gloved operation, to allow customers to apply PCI products in different environments. Furthermore, AMT provides a series of supporting PenMount utilities to make controller parameter adjustment and firmware update smooth and easy. AMT ensures customer products are well equipped before entering the market. Our PCI total touch solutions emphasize reliability and functionality. For more details, please contact your sales representative.

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