AMT PCI Touchscreens: No False Touch When Wet

08/05/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15015

Projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP touch) touch technology has been integrated into many types of environments. This means that there is an increased potential of touch products coming into contact with liquids. For example, outdoor or portable PCI equipment may come into contact with rain or spilled beverages. When new treadmills incorporate PCI touch panels, runners’ sweat will contaminate the touch surface. PCI systems used on oceangoing vessels may be splashed with seawater and devices utilized in the medial field will have to endure saline, blood, and other liquids.

One of the challenges frequently encountered by PCI touch panel applications is the difficulty of obtaining a reliable touch signal when liquid is present on the touch surface. Projected capacitive touch sensing relies on the interpretation of minute changes in electromagnetic fields projected by capacitors embedded in the touch surface caused by the interaction of conductors such as a finger with these fields.

Water is a conductor and will likely cause false touch signals. Other liquids such as seawater or blood are even more disruptive to the controller’s touch sensing process due to higher salt content. Currently, AMT offers total PCI touch solutions featuring PenMount PM1X10 series control boards that possess an advanced water detection (WD) mode. Water, dishwashing liquid, saline (0.9% NaCl), blood (0.9% salinity), and even saltwater (3.5% salinity) will not cause false touch signals when present on the touch surface. This function is compatible with cover lens thicknesses up to 2.8mm by default.

AMT touch solutions are already being utilized in systems onboard maritime vessels and in medical devices. Whether shipboard, poolside, outdoor, and cleaning equipment or medical instruments, when liquids or cleaners find their way onto the touch surface, AMT’s advanced PCI water handling capabilities can satisfy required specifications.

If you believe your system or application will be subjected to wet conditions, please contact our sales staff to experience the benefits of AMT’s water handling PCI touch solution.

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