AMT Provides Industrial Optical Bonding Process

03/18/2020 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE20003

Touch Display Solution (TDS) is a new product and service from AMT.  TDS is a touch panel and LCD panel stack assembled in one of two ways.  We offer double side adhesive bonding and optical bonding.  In this edition, we will introduce our optical bonding service.  There are two different optical bonding techniques, a process using liquid gel (wet bonding) or an OCA (dry bonding) process.  We adopt dry bonding technology to increase TDS reliability.  Optical bonding material is key for TDS quality.  A superior optical bonding process with our proprietary Lucent Gel technology maximizes AMT TDS quality and reliability.

AMT is constantly innovating new products and technologies to enhance the utility and aesthetics of customer projects.  Lucent Gel is a silicone based OCA that is thicker than standard OCAs, optically transparent, UV-resistant (passes ASTM G154 1,000 hours), and can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity.  It has been specially formulated for laminating industrial and medical grade touch sensors and LCD panels.  Several thicknesses of Lucent gel are available from 0.3mm to 1.2mm for different LCD designs and manufacturers.  AMT will select the proper thickness of Lucent gel when performing bonding.

Regarding dry bonding technology, one of its advantages and an important specification is increased shock absorption level.  AMT’s dry bonding material is soft and thick and can better protect the touch panel and LCD from external impact on the TDS.  A TDS optically bonded with Lucent Gel can withstand almost double the impact force of panels bonded with other methods and materials.  Another powerful feature of Lucent gel is high adhesion to ensure the bond between touch panel and LCD is sufficient for long-term utilization even in tough environments.

Currently, AMT can dry bond touch panel and LCD sizes from 1” to 27” and we will soon be expanding our capabilities to 32”. For more details regarding Lucent gel products and the optical bonding lamination process, please contact our sales representatives.

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