AMT Provides Total PCI Solutions

06/24/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15012

Projected capacitive (PCI) total touch solutions include: touch panels, touch controllers, controller firmware, and drivers. However, PCI touch panel and controller design must be closely coordinated. This is especially true on the controller end where hardware, firmware, and software designed exclusively for a particular set of hardware and PCI touch panel are combined. Thus, the greatest difference between AMT and other touch panel suppliers is AMT understands the technology and bottlenecks of PCI products. From the beginning we have provided AMT PCI touch panels paired with PenMount PCI controllers to provide a comprehensive Total PCI Touch Solution. This type of commitment offers customers 3 major advantages:

  1. AMT PCI touch panel design already accounts for PenMount controller firmware.
  2. PenMount provides ONE firmware version to fulfill all applications. Customers need only adjust size, panel thickness, and a few other simple parameters. Products do not need to be shipped back to the manufacturer for fine tuning.
  3. Sources of interference in the application environment including water and noise handling have already been designed into the firmware.

AMT can provide a complete touch solution to solve customer issues. Customers often mention, whenever they encounter a problem, many touch panel manufacturers will claim a controller issue and then the controller manufacturer will use the touch panel as an excuse. AMT provides a comprehensive Total PCI Solution. As long as it involves touch control, whether touch panels, controllers, firmware, or drivers, we will provide you with superior service.

Other touch panel companies in the market mostly use standard controllers from controller manufacturers. However, how do these controller companies develop firmware to meet the various capacitance values generated from disparate PCI pattern designs? When pairing touch panels and controllers, every system must be sent to the controller manufacturer for firmware parameter fine tuning. Yet, most products in the development stage are confidential and shipping products to the controller manufacturer is questionable. Since AMT provides Total Solutions, when AMT and PenMount design standard products, we retain flexibility whether on the touch panel end or the controller end. PenMount firmware can support standard AMT touch programs through PenMount utilities. For example, the PenMount PM1410’s standard version firmware can support 12.1″, 15″, and 15.6″ PCI touch panels, touch panel thicknesses of 1.1mm, 1.8mm, and 2.8mm, and the USB, I²C, and RS-232 interfaces. In other words, the same firmware version can support 27 different combinations. Functionality has been thoroughly tested before the release of the standard firmware. System integrators only need adjust these basic specifications and returning the system for fine-tuning is not required.

Since AMT provides complete touch programs, we possess an extensive understanding of controllers and touch panels. When customers require customized products, firmware, or controllers, we can discuss and provide suitable solutions very quickly. Thereby, decreasing customer product release timeframe and lowering the difficulty of customized product development. If customers require low production runs with high product variation, we can provide the most economical way to proceed after overall consideration.

AMT has cultivated the touch control field for nearly 20 years and remain committed to industrial, scientific, and medical applications. We listen to our customers’ voices and envisage customer requirements to provide the most suitable touch solutions. If you are interested in PCI touch solutions, please contact us.

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