AMT Receives Work-Life Balance Award and Enterprise Environmental Protection Award

11/23/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16022

On September 5th of this year, AMT was honored with the 2nd Annual Work-Life Balance Award’s Work-Life Medal presented by the Ministry of Labor R.O.C. In addition, AMT was again awarded with another Bronze Medal presented by the 25rd ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award on November 2nd, the second time our work in environmental conservation was recognized by the government.

The ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award was established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Administration R.O.C as an annual corporate competition that recognizes domestic companies which exhibit excellence in environmental protection and encourages other companies to promote environmental conservation. After a year of hard work, AMT was recognized by Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan R.O.C. Minister, Ying-yuan Lee on November 2nd and then received by the Vice President of the Republic of China, Chien-jen Chen, at the Presidential Office Building that afternoon, symbolizing the highest honor accorded to corporate environmental performance.


AMT’s policy is regulatory compliance, energy conservation and waste reduction, and sustainable development. We understand that good products must be environmentally friendly in addition to being of good quality and offering comprehensive customer service. AMT’s promotion of environmental protection is composed of “Environmental Protection Planning and Management,” “Promotion of Environmental Protection Tasks,” and “Promotion of Environmental Concepts and Education” as follows:

  • Environmental Protection Planning and Management: we utilize ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 to introduce systematic and documented energy environment management, meet environmental regulations, implement a green environment policy throughout the entire lifespan of our products, and reduce waste and polluting materials.
  • Promotion of Environmental Protection Tasks: we utilize the four guidelines of energy conservation, water conservation, waste and resource recycling, and green procurement to reduce electricity and water usage and actively implement garbage reduction.
  • Promotion of Environmental Concepts and Education: we advocate environmental concepts during employee meetings and participate in environmental education, beach cleaning, and tree planting events to put environmental conservation into physically practice and deeply root environmental conservation concepts and awareness into the minds of every employee.

AMT cares about the physical and mental health of each and every employee and we truly believe that happy and healthy employees are the key to corporate success. Thus, we actively create a high quality and friendly work environment. The Ministry of Labor R.O.C. encourages corporations to promote work-life balance. Beginning in 2014, it has presented a Work-Life Balance Award to recognize outstanding companies. After a preliminary assessment and onsite reassessment by a number of experts and scholars, AMT was selected from among 131 participants to receive this year’s 2nd Annual Work-Life Balance Award – Work-Life Medal. This honor was presented by the Minister of Labor R.O.C. on September 5th as a symbol of AMT’s long term commitment to employee care and national recognition and acknowledgement.


AMT spares no effort in promoting a work-life balance plan. We have established a series of “Happy Train” activates and planned diverse events, arts/culture/health forums, and employee excursions to enhance employees’ physical and mental health and encourage friendly exchange. We encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities and support the rejuvenation obtained through participating in public welfare to jointly fulfill corporate social responsibility.

AMT sincerely thanks our customers for their support and consideration and the entire AMT staff for earnestly implementing company environmental policies, allowing us to continue receiving multiple government accolades. We will continue to work hard to create a win-win-win scenario for the company, employees, and customers and do our part for society.

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