AMT Stably Supplies Low Reflective Resistive Touchscreens

01/20/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16002

After a volatile year, Low Reflective (LR) resistive touch product materials saw immense change. The cessation of production on one of the important materials used in constructing LR touch panels, 1/4 lambda (λ) ITO polycarbonate (PC) film, has necessitated all LR touch panel manufacturers search for substitutes. The ideal material would be ITO sputter paired with a 1/4 lambda (λ) retarder film function on a non-biaxial refractive substrate. Last year, AMT initiated an appropriate material substitution program. We are committed to our promise to customers and continue to provide them with a stable and long-term supply of LR resistive touch panels. In this issue of AMT News, we will describe for you, in detail, this new LR resistive touch panel.

AMT’s previous LR touch panel employed a 1/4 lambda (λ) ITO polycarbonate (PC) film. The new substitute material is another type of uniaxial refractive substrate. The company’s new low reflective touch solution will provide the same features as the previous low reflective touch panel. In addition, if your product application requires a large operating temperature range or surface scratch resistance, AMT recommends a Glass-Film-Glass LR (GFG LR) resistive panel with an extra outer glass laminate for increased durability.

20160120-1          20160120-2

          LR Touchscreen                                                      GFG LR Touchscreen

LR touch panel products are uniquely suited for sunny outdoor locales and mitigate issues associated with reflected sunlight. The brightness of an average LCD display ranges from 200 – 450 cd/m2. However, the brightness of sunlight in an outdoor setting is approximately 10,000 cd/m2.  The addition of a LR touchscreen can greatly reduce the brightness of reflective sunlight while enhancing light transmission from the LCD.

AMT is committed to providing superior total touch solutions for the industrial, commercial, and medical fields. This commitment not only includes designing and manufacturing products best suited for customer needs but also entails supporting and supplying these touch solutions for the long-term. Stable and long-term supply is our promise and makes AMT your best source and most reliable partner. If you require LR resistive touch panels, please feel free to contact us.

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