AMT Utilizes Production Megadata to Gestate Industry 4.0

10/21/2015 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE15020

With the advent of the era of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), future manufacturing and sales models are in flux. Through the ubiquity of the internet and cloud computing technologies and analysis of big data paired with factory automation, upstream and downstream information can be quickly integrated. Smart manufacturing will be the niche to satisfy customer needs in the future. Response to rapid change, methods to provide instant information services, satisfy customer requirements, building real time production data acquisition systems, manufacturing big data analysis, and production control automation will be the primary tasks of our Industry 4.0 movement.

In recent years, AMT has been vigorously introducing various information systems, including human resources, accounting, MRP/ERP, shop flow control, production support, and computer aided design to enhance company competitiveness and value. Initially, ERP provided us with consistent, integrated, and real time information which have greatly improved our efficiency.

Following the ERP system, we introduced the AMT Information Management (AIM) system (designed in-house) which provides production support, bar code input, production data acquisition, and operator & facilities productivity to build a foundation for deploying Industry 4.0. From when materials are first introduced, to the manufacturing process and final shipping of finished product, we can fully grasp information such as factory production progress, relevant operators, equipment utilization efficiency, among others to clearly control the pulse of manufacturing.

Recently, we partnered with Digiwin Software to introduce the “advanced scheduling and planning system (APS)” which establishes a systematic production schedule. All types of conditions can be immediately mastered and adjusted while all manufacturing scenarios will elicit quick responses to allow increased flexibility in the control of production line resource utilization and allocation. This increases efficiency and reduces production costs to achieve capacity optimization. After the successful introduction of this system, Digiwin invited the head of our MIS department to share the results of using APS at their company forum. We used the establishment of a digital knowledge platform and information transparency to not only fully grasp scheduling, but also reduce delivery response time and, thus, increase customer satisfaction.

In the future, we will move towards factory automation and continue strengthening the reliability of system and network infrastructure. Our continuing efforts are aimed in a direction that includes areas such as production efficiency, yield, etc. As the world discusses Industry 4.0, AMT has placed itself in the midst of this revolution. By upholding a step by step philosophy, we are committed to quality, forever stand on the side of customers, always consider customer perspectives, and gradually expose our best efficacy and efficiency.

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