Embed AMT PCI Chipsets for Efficient Integration

09/13/2017 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE17011

AMT customers have a number of options when integrating our touch solutions into their systems.  When using AMT’s line of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch products, customers can choose a controller in the form of either a control board or COF tail depending on the requirements of their systems or embed PenMount controller chipsets directly onto their motherboards.  The advantages of this embedded IC solution include straightforward integration, easy testing, added stability, reduced system space, and lowered overall cost.

In terms of lowering the overall cost and mechanism space of customer systems, since there are many assembly considerations when pairing mechanical design with control boards or COF tails, PCI control board or COF tail designs may not conform to customer mechanisms.  By choosing an embedded solution, customers will be able to dictate PCI circuit design and position.  The embedded PCI controller will also have one dedicated interface, USB or I2C.  This eliminates the cost of incorporating additional interface components. AMT’s embedded PCI touch solution also mitigates the impact of severe vibration on the system.  Since a separate control board and cable are eliminated, there are fewer parts to loosen or disconnect.  The absence of a control board also removes the need for screw locations and additional grounding.  Customers can layout their motherboards according to individual system space limits without having to include a separate control board.

Two current examples of successful embedded controller projects involve agricultural harvester and medical ultrasound products.  The harvester utilizes a custom AMT 12.1” PCI touch panel paired with two PenMount P2 controller chips (meets E/e Mark vehicle application standards).  The medical ultrasounds utilize standard AMT PCI P3008 10.4” and P3014 12.1”touch panels paired with one or two PenMount P2 controller chips (meets EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4.0 medical safety standards), respectively.  Both of these projects have been in continual stable mass production for a number of years.  The reliability, durability, and stability of AMT’s comprehensive total touch solutions accompanied these products through development, production, and deployment and have been instrumental in the continued success of these ongoing projects.

AMT will provide design guidelines, a demo circuit diagram, and BOM for reference.  Gerber format files are available to increase success rates.  AMT will supply customers with the controller chipsets and boost converters while customers can source all other necessary components themselves according to our BOM or from AMT.  In addition, all of AMT’s resources are available to provide custom hardware, firmware, and driver support, if necessary.

Embedding our chipset does not affect PCI functionality.  All PenMount PCI features such as water handling, gloved touch, and noise immunity remain available.  AMT PCI touch solutions meet industrial and medical EMC standards and we will assist customers in certifying their systems for these standards.  AMT’s commitment to long-term support of customer projects also ensures the continued availability of embedded parts.

If you would like to experience the advantages of an embedded touch controller in your next project, please contact our sales representatives to discuss your requirements.  We are more than happy to guide you through design and implementation to maximize the success of your system.

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