Happy Chinese New Year! AMT launches 10.1″ PCI Solution


AMT will release a 10.1″ projective capacitive input (PCI) touch panel this month with the part number 92-P3021-A20. As demand for PCI touch panels increase in the industrial and medical fields, reliability and noise-immunity requirements have also become more stringent. AMT’s 92-P3021-A20 paired with PenMount’s newest PM1310 control board can provide customers with the most reliable total touch panel solution.


The 92-P3021-A20 10.1″ PCI touch panel was designed to be matched with mainstream widescreen displays with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and is applicable to the Samsung LTL101DL03-T01, AUO B101UAN01.7HW1A, Sharp LQ101R1SX03, LG LP101WX2-SLA2, etc. Please reference the following table for detailed specifications and dimensions.


Additionally, AMT will also introduce a second 10.1″ PCI touch panel model with the part number 92-P3021-A10. Where the 92-P3021-A20 has a GFF (Glass-Film-Film) structure with 1.1mm surface glass thickness, the 92-P3021-A10 boasts an AFF (Optical Adhesive-Film-Film) structure to meet the prevalent customer demand for customized surface glass design. AMT can also provide custom Décor Glass lamination according to customer requirements.

The PenMount PM1310 utilizes the P2-08 controller IC, supports the USB/I²C/UART interfaces, and possesses onboard next generation frequency hopping technology developed by PenMount which imparts the ability to pass IEC 61000-4-3 RS Level III and IEC61000-4-6 CS Level III testing at the Criteria A standard. This means our products can continue to operate normally while subjected to various types of interference. Five finger line drawing and gloved operation remain normal under these conditions. The PM1310 utilizes the same technology as the PM1710 (used in PCI touchscreens between 18.5″ and 24″).

The standard firmware version shipped with the 10.1″ 92-P3021-A20 and PM1310 PCI touch solution is PM1310 V1.0.0 AMT can also provide customers with a number of applications for remote firmware updating and parameter setting. For more information regarding this 10.1″ PCI touch solution, please contact our sales representatives or local distributors.

AMT will be on vacation from Wednesday, February 18 to Monday, February 23 for Chinese New Year. The entire AMT family wishes you and your fine company a prosperous and peaceful Year of the Goat. Thank you for all your support in the Year of the Horse. We will see you in the New Year!


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