Indigenous Taiwan Students Help AMT Test Anti-UV Products

08/24/2016 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE16016

AMT is not only dedicated to providing the highest quality most reliable touch solutions on the market, we also believe in giving back to the community by contributing aid to the needy through employee volunteerism and monetary donations. We also care about the education, ideas, and world view of the next generation and hope to nurture responsible and goal-oriented attitudes. AMT has combined our two important missions of “care” for the next generation and the cultivation of “responsibility” in young people with the wish to understand the limitations of our touch panels through UV testing.

The testing of AMT’s anti-UV designs and materials is usually carried out with advanced UV test apparatus according to ASTM standards. However, outdoor touch panels in actual usage environments may encounter changes in sunlight exposure, temperature, and humidity. Thus, we decided to place touch panels outside for testing in hopes of obtaining valuable data. AMT headquarters is located in Keelung, Taiwan. Between 1981 and 2010, Keelung received an average of 1,276.7 hours of annual sunlight exposure. Compared to Pingtung’s (in the south of Taiwan) average in the same period of 2,233.8 hours, it is evident that Pingtung is a superior locale in terms of outdoor sunlight exposure testing. Since 2010, AMT has been providing material and financial assistance to the remote Ma-jia Junior High School in Pingtung County, Taiwan. From 2010 to 2013, we funded the school’s after-school tutoring program for disadvantaged students. From 2010 to 2016, the company donated rice and milk to student. In 2016, we are sponsoring the school’s soccer team to complete overseas. Once we informed the Ma-jia students of our plan, they were very happy to help AMT complete this experiment and use it to obtain valuable experience.


In order to teach the students of Ma-jia Junior High School the value of consistent data transcription and honest testing methods, AMT initially sent in March of this year 12 resistive and projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels of various specifications, materials, and structures to be placed outdoors on the school campus. Each panel was assigned a student and that student is responsible for observing and reporting on various aspects of the panel such as color, bubbling, hard coat flaking, and smell, each day. The bank of panels also has a humidity and temperature monitor. Number of panels was increased to 17 in June and the soccer team took over monitoring duties during summer break.

To date, Ma-jia Junior High School students have performed their duties earnestly and studiously and AMT’s anti-UV design has performed similarly admirably. This experiment will be completed in November of this year and we are very happy to see the energy and responsibility these students put into this test. As AMT continues to grow and mature our business, we will continue striving to help the most humble parts of the community grow and mature positively along with us.

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