PCI Touch Panel Structures on the Market


Projected capacitive touch panels (PCI) are constructed in several ways and include film type structures, glass type structures, and glass/film (GF) type structures. In terms of a pure film type structure, the panel will consist of Glass/Film/Film (GFF) where the top glass layer is décor glass for decorative purposes only. There are a number of glass type structures such as the most widely adopted OGS (one glass solution) laminated to décor glass and ITO glass + ITO glass (GG). Décor glass can also be applied to the GG structure. The GF type structure utilizes ITO glass in combination with ITO film. Décor glass or printed ITO glass can be added as a top layer. These are all available on the market from different suppliers and every PCI structure has its own applicable market segment. For example, OGS is widely used in smartphones but is not used in large size PCI touchscreens.

In order to meet the requirements of our target customers in the industrial and medical fields, AMT PCI touch products utilize a GFF structure. Advantages of GFF structure compared to other structures are easy lamination of different thickness top glass layers, lightweight PCI products, low volume production, high stability, ease of décor glass lamination, and less complicated manufacturing process. This means lower minimum order quantities and easier customization. Less complicated manufacturing also makes it easier for system integrators to locally source décor glass for self-lamination.

The GG manufacturing process necessitates the production of large batches of standard products, especially for OGS type structures. OGS employs a high cost photolithographic glass manufacturing process, ITO sputtering, and molybdenum aluminum molybdenum bridges which greatly increase required production batch size. Since both layers of GG structure are glass, the bonding process is also more complex compared to GF or FF lamination.

Beginning last year, GFF structure PCI touch panels have been gradually adopted by the consumer markets and industrial products. Since its advantages surpass those of PCI touch panels consisting of multiple glass layers and can be easily produced in small batches, AMT can provide customers with more options and provide long-term product support. These are the advantages of GFF PCI first identified by AMT. In addition to long –term use, the GFF structure also ensures our customers receive the most flexible and reliable total touch solutions available on the market.

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