PenMount 2015 PCI Controller Achievements

12/17/2015 | Bulletin No. : PMY15012

There is a saying, “you reap what you sow.” In the beginning of 2015, PenMount released new third-generation projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch controllers featuring significant advances in functionality. New features and functions have satisfied the requirements of our customers. In Q4 of this year, we presented the full third-generation product line, which supports PCI touch panels from 3.5″ to 24″, to our customers and we have received confirmation from them that our products surpass other PCI touch controller brands.

Customers frequently ask, “Why are complicated software settings not required for PenMount products? Why are you able to prepare functions to satisfy customers before customers propose requirements?” This is the result of our accumulated experience! PenMount has been in the industrial and medical fields for many years, we understand what the customers want, and we use a simple configuration of 1 or 2 ICs on third-generation controllers in order to reduce future customer inventory. PenMount possesses hardware and firmware development capabilities that meet all the on-site application requirements of customers. For example: in terms of function specifications, PenMount was the first manufacturer to release a PCI controller that passes IEC 61000-4-3 RS Level III and IEC 61000-4-6 CS Level III 10V Criteria A testing standards. These advanced specifications are required by European customers in the industrial field.

In terms of PenMount PCI water handling, our motto is “no false touch when wet!” When we developed water immunity functionality, we effectively differentiated between finger and water signals to greatly reduce the chances of false touch signals caused by the conductive properties of “liquids.” PenMount can provide highly reliable PCI products focused on outdoor applications that may be exposed to rainwater or medical systems that can potentially encounter “saline” or “blood.”

Another major feature of PenMount PCI products is that customers do not need to perform tedious parameter adjustment when using PenMount’s standard hardware and firmware combination. You can quickly and effectively integrate our PCI products into your system. At the same time, if customers need a PCI panel with a thick cover lens or thick glove operation, we are happy to assess and provide customization services. You are welcome to contact our sales representatives.

In addition to mastering PCI development technologies, the PenMount team is also focused on how customers can receive effective and fast support in all stages of PCI integration. As such, the PenMount team has already developed various convenient utilities to facilitate customer operation. Of course, we have also developed and written application notes to allow customers to understand how to use PenMount utilities.

Looking back on 2015, PenMount has been happy to receive extensive feedback from satisfied customers regarding specifications and quality. Looking forward to the New Year, we will continue to uphold the core spirit of specifications and quality first and provide excellent PCI controller product functions to support our customers. In this year-end winter season, we wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. See you next year!


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