PenMount Enhances PCAP Touch with Thick Glass Performance

09/21/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17009

PenMount’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and success can be seen on a daily basis in the design of our products.  PenMount projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch controllers are built from the ground up to offer reliable and stable touch operation without sacrificing features or durability.  One of the reasons for PenMount’s superior performance is our hardware and software design ability.  For example, we designed a driving voltage booster to meet EMC conducted and radiated susceptibility standards.  Recently, we again strengthened PenMount firmware capabilities by developing an Enhanced Driving feature to allow thick glass to meet EMC noise immunity requirements while simultaneously retaining water handling and thick glove operation functionality. This Enhanced Driving advantage is available in the latest PenMount PCIUtility.

PenMount controllers utilize 18V driving with a benefit of an increased ability to conform to the IEC 61000-4-6: Conducted Susceptibility (CS) Level III 10 Vrms criterion “A” standard.  Controllers from other manufacturers that drive lower than 10V cannot surmount the 10 Vrms criterion.  If they need to meet this criterion, a voltage boosting component must be designed into hardware.  Conversely, if a controller is designed to drive at voltages over 30V, it will produce a more powerful electromagnetic field when driving and increase the difficulty in meeting EMI standards.  In order to expand on the advantage of a proper driving method without increasing the actual driving voltage, PenMount has developed a proprietary Enhanced Driving technique that can be activated in PenMount PCIUtility.

By enabling Enhanced Driving, customers can utilize a cover lens that is up to 4mm thick while simultaneously applying PenMount’s advanced water handling feature.  Noise immunity is also elevated with the ability to pass CS testing at greater than 10 Vrms.  We have used this Enhanced Driving feature in a high vibration/low frequency noise generating machine to mitigate its low-frequency square-wave interference with powerful results.

PenMount’s design philosophy involves added consideration on behalf of customers and understanding real customer needs.  Through providing comprehensive touch solutions, we help customers introduce PCI touch products.  The smooth progress of your projects is our ultimate goal.  PenMount has also prepared complete utilities to satisfy your common user setting requirements and facilitate the design and development of your products.  If you have any questions or product inquiries, you are welcome to contact our sales window and we will provide you with further information.

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