PenMount PCI Controllers Support Temporary Touch Suspension

06/22/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17006

Touch product applications emphasize user-friendly operation and convenient use.  When we use touch products, we sometimes open certain system applications unintentionally.  This type of situation frequently causes inconveniences and, at worst, may even result in damage.  PenMount has designed a separate and distinct touch on/off key into its projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch controllers.  When the system no longer requires touch functionality, touch can be shut off to lower the effects of inadvertent touch contact.  This is a user friendly design.

If your system or equipment is placed outdoors or a handheld device exposed to rain or spilled beverages, medical equipment with touch panels constantly subjected to cleaning agents, or applications for food processing environments requiring high temperature sterilization, most customers hope their products will be able to operate normally and without the need to shut down the system power supply during every day cleaning of the touch panel.  If touch functionality is enabled, wiping the panel may generate unexpected touch operation.  If this type of unintentional touch is to be avoided, touch functionality must be disabled temporarily, either shutting down power or interrupting system operation.  Thus, the function users desire is a touch function that can be disabled independently.

In addition to preventing false touch signals during cleaning, an independent on/off function also increases the reliability of system operation.  PenMount possess proprietary hardware and firmware development technology.  The following describes the two methods of enabling/temporarily disabling touch functionality offered by PenMount PCI controllers:

  1. Software

In the Windows desktop system environment, software developers can use the Application Program Interface (API) provided by PenMount to allow customers to define the timing of enabling/disabling touch functionality.  We have integrated relevant touch functions into our applications.  If you have other system requirements such as for Linux or Android, we will also support the creation of the functions you envision.  Please contact our PenMount sales staff.

  1. Hardware

On the USB interface, we can customize firmware for PenMount PCI COF and controller product lines to use the connector pins of other interfaces to design output functions that control the on/off signal pin of PCI touch control.  This pin is set to low voltage level or high voltage level to enable or disable touch functionality.  This method is a hardware design concept and can be used across platforms and is not limited by disparate systems.  Using hardware pins to complete on/off design is considered a custom process.  If you intend to use the I2C interface, please contact our sales staff.  We will propose a suitable solution.

PenMount continues to make breakthroughs and innovate and continually provides comprehensive PCI touch controller solutions to the industrial field.  Customer satisfaction is our core philosophy.  This year’s Computex Taipei 2017 exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.  We were delighted to host our customers and guests and we would like to thank you all for your support and acknowledgement of PenMount PCI products.  See you next year!

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