PenMount PCI – No False Touch When Wet

06/18/2015 | Bulletin No. : PMY15006

PenMount successfully wrapped up Computex 2015 and SID Display Week 2015 last week 6/2- 6/6. We showcased a number of applications on real-world systems including noise handling, advanced water handling functionality, thick cover glass support, and thick gloved operation. PenMount integrated our spirit of high reliability and quality into our displays and received high praise from visitors.

Many guests and customers were very interested in the advanced water handling of PenMount’s projected capacitive (PCI) touch solution. PenMount controllers are currently the only controllers capable of preventing false touches in the presence of water and guests all asserted that PenMount has achieved their desired functionality. If your system or equipment is an outdoor or handheld device, may be exposed to rain, spilled liquids, seawater in maritime applications, or saline and blood in the medical field, this PCI touch panel is suitable for you. If a touch controller possesses a “no false touch” water-proofing mechanism aimed at potential liquid on PCI touch panels, this will greatly increase a product’s reliability.

The core concept of the advanced water handling capabilities of PenMount controllers has been set as no false touches when there is water on the touch surface. We understand that the dielectric constants of different liquids vary. However, these liquids are all conductors. We have already tested common liquids including water, saline, seawater, household cleaners, engine oil, etc. and our controllers can achieve the goal of no false touches in terms of all these liquids.

Nonetheless, a number of questions are frequently mentioned. If there is a thin mist of liquid on the touch surface, can the touch panel operate? If there is liquid on the touch panel, can operation continue in dry areas? Will touch input be recognized in wet zones? Our goal is to ensure the PenMount controller does not report false touch points when there is water on the touch surface. The result of other scenarios will depend on the liquid or the amount of liquid on the touch surface. Since the presence of water on a PCI touch surface is a complicated topic, where the dielectric constant of water is 80 and the dielectric constants of saline and seawater are even higher, PenMount’s short term goal in terms of water is – no false touches when wet, normal operation resumes when dried.

If customers require “touch suspension when wet, resumption of normal operation when dried” functionality, we are also happy to assist in providing your product with this feature. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

PenMount is honored to have received recognition from customers at this year’s exhibitions. We will continue to move forward to provide the market with excellent products and services. PenMount would like to thank everyone again for visiting Computex and SID. We look forward to seeing you next year!

You are welcomed to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: and If you have any suggestions or comments please send e-mail to: or

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