Successful AMT PCI Projects


AMT has had a long history of producing touch products of superior safety, reliability, and quality for the industrial and medical fields. Our scrupulous management and exacting dedication to quality allows us to offer exceptional total touch solutions that incorporate AMT touch panels and PenMount control boards, firmware, drivers, and utilities. Our years of perseverance have produced many success stories for AMT and our customers.

Currently, AMT is in the process of carry out two projects that personify our spirit of achievement and customer support. These projects originate from different industries and demonstrate AMT expertise in providing projected capacitive input (PCI) total touch solutions of all sizes.

The first project is a 12.1″ PCI touch panel paired with the PenMount PM14XX series control board produced for a renowned medical equipment designer and manufacturer. We communicated extensively with the customer to understand their needs and remotely updated product firmware. Other than this firmware adjustment, the aforementioned components are standard AMT products. Yet, AMT’s quality and technological skill mean that this touchscreen can readily meet the stringent needs of a medical environment such as increased safety and reliability standards including touch suspension when liquid is detect on the touch surface and EMI immunity and ESD level control. Our total touch solution has also passed EMI and EMC testing on the customer-end with exemplary results.

The second project is a 12″ PCI touch panel paired with the PenMount PM14XX series control board manufactured for a notable industrial machinery and vehicle supplier. This company’s products include construction and mining equipment such as excavators, dozers, dump trucks, etc. As such, the customer listed a number of requirements including EMC immunity since integral touch solutions are subjected, not only to special EMC specifications, but also to motion and vibrational interference from close proximity motors. The testing period for this project was 18 months and AMT’s touch solution again passed admirably.

Through our dedication to quality and customer support, AMT has developed the product lines and flexibility to meet any customer request. AMT is also happy to work with customers to design customized components for specific applications or environments. The next extraordinary project could be yours. Let us help you write your very own success story.

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