The Complete PenMount PCI Control Board Product Line

01/26/2017 | Bulletin No. : PMY17001

PenMount has been a leading supplier in the projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch controller field for many years and we clearly understand customer needs and issues when selecting PCI products. Thus, we have invested extensive effort in developing PCI touch controllers that satisfy customer specifications and simplify product parameter adjustment. To date, the complete line of PenMount PCI controllers can support PCI touch panels from 3.5” to 24” and have built-in advanced product functions. In addition, our outstanding achievements have received the trust and affirmation of international manufacturers.

The PenMount PCI touch control board series utilizes the PenMount P2-08 controller IC which possesses high-performance development potential. Applied to customer-end products in the near-term means it can overcome high energy environmental noise issues such as noise generated on the assembly line. Touch panels are especially prone to interference, abnormal signals, and false touch points when a number of machines are in simultaneous operation. The PenMount team solves this problem in collaboration with customers by providing a Debug utility. After understanding the environmental noise situation, PenMount provides a solution. This shows that PenMount firmware algorithms paired with the PenMount P2-08 control chip exhibit excellent performance and assist customers in promoting their projects.

PenMount PCI controllers can be divided into two types. One is COF (Chip on Flex) and the other is PCBA control boards which meet the requirements of different projects. The PenMount control board and touch panel combination can be disassembled to quickly determine the cause of problems for easy analysis. When products require follow-up maintenance, there is no need to replace the entire touch panel and control board module because it can be disassembled. At the same time, this reduces maintenance costs. In this edition of PenMount Bulletin, we will introduce the entire line of standard PenMount PCI control board products.


The PM1415 and PM1715 control board series slated for release in February are the latest models of PenMount PCI touch controller products. Their dimensions will be the same as the PM1410 and we have simplified them to support the two most common interfaces in the industry, USB and I2C. The PM1415U and PM1715U employ the USB interface while the PM1415I and PM1715I employ the I2C interface. We have also prepared the PenMount PCIUtility for your convenient use. We believe that providing simple and adaptable PCI touch products is a requirement for satisfying customer needs!

Looking forward to the New Year, we will gradually release more new PCI touch product functions and specifications and enthusiastically provide customers with fast and satisfying presales and aftersales service. Please stay tuned to every issue of PenMount Bulletin. We will provide you with more new product news. If you have any questions regarding PenMount products, you are welcome to contact our sales window! PenMount will be on vacation from Friday, January 27th to Wednesday, February 1st. We would like to share the traditional Chinese New Year wall art below with you. See you in the Year of the Rooster!



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