The New PenMount PCIUtility

05/12/2016 | Bulletin No. : PMY16005

PenMount is committed to providing customers with intuitive projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch software. In the past, PenMount provided the three following utilities for PCI touch products: PCIMSet (parameter adjustment), PMUpdate (firmware update), and PCIScan (diagnosis). These utilities allowed system integrators to set certain common parameters, update firmware, perform IQC, and diagnose malfunctions. The utilities provided by PenMount are very simple and user-friendly. Thus, these utilities have earned positive praise from a number of customers and allowed them to smoothly integrate our touch products. PenMount expects to release the latest version of PenMount PCI utilities which support the Windows OS this month. This new version consolidates the main functions of the original PenMount PCI utilities, PCIMSet, PMUpdate, and PCIScan into one utility architecture to provide distributor and system integrator customers with a convenient PCI function operating platform. This consolidated utility is named “PenMount PCIUtility.”

描述: the past, customers needed to switch between different utilities when setting PCI parameters, updating firmware version, etc. The new PenMount PCIUtility provides a combined user interface. When employing PenMount PCIUtility, users can conveniently perform relevant setting operations in one software.

In addition to consolidating PenMount’s three previous utilities, PenMount PCIUtility adds a “Coordinate Information” function to execute the calibration feature. We understand market-end application demands. Identical LCD sizes may have different display area dimensions. Once a touch panel is integrated with a LCD, the touch panel active area may require slight adjustment and the calibration feature can assist in completing this adjustment. For example, LCD models from different manufacturer will have 23.8″ or 24″ product lines and customers can use the new calibration feature to correct functionality. Once calibration has been completed, the PCI touch panel’s active area will be set within the range of the LCD panel’s corresponding display area and increase the flexibility of custom project progress.

Another practical tool provided by PenMount PCIUtility is the Debug function. During customers’ project development period, if the system mechanism or special environment produces interference and assistance from PenMount is required to resolve the cause of abnormalities, customers can go to the Debug page of the PenMount PCIUtility menu and use the “Log Current Device Information” function to automatically obtain the current PCI signal status. Please provide this data to PenMount for reference to help us understand onsite conditions and analyze and clarify any phenomena. PenMount can offer suitable solutions based on provided data.

描述: you need to know the firmware versions supported by PenMount PCIUtility and complete descriptions of functions, we have prepared a “PenMount PCIUtility User Guide.” You are welcome to contact our sales window. PenMount PCI touch products continue to advance. We believe that providing the most reliable product specifications is the only way to satisfy the requirements of our customers in the industrial and medical fields. We relentlessly consider how to provide better service and, thus, will continue improving PenMount PCIUtility features. Computex 2016 and SID Display Week 2016 will both be held at the end of this month. We welcome you to visit our booths and look forward to seeing you soon.

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