AMT New Generation of PCAP Touch Solutions

02/25/2021 | Bulletin No. : AMTNE21002

Happy Lunar New Year! AMT wishes everyone a great Year of OX with good health and wealth during this difficult time.


AMT has exciting news for you at the beginning of the New Year: we are about to launch a new generation of projected capacitive (PCAP) touch solution. This unique touch solution adopts a newly designed AMT PCAP touch panel and the new PenMount K1 series PCAP touch controller. What’s even more thrilling is that it has superior waterproof treatment and supports the design of large-size PCAP touch panels with Chip on Flex (COF) tail. It is also compatible with the newly launched PenMount PCIUtility V1.9.  Read further for a detailed introduction to the pioneering functions and features of AMT’s new generation of projected capacitive solutions!

Size matters!  AMT understands that there should be more size choices to accommodate the needs of bigger panels in some industries. So here it is! We have designed various sizes of PCAP touch panels with COF tail to simplify the process of connecting the touch panel tail to the touch controller.  AMT PCAP touch panel with PenMount P2 series controller allowed for PCAP COF touch panels up to 10.4” and now PenMount K1 series of PCAP touch solutions support large-size up to 24”! New generation of 10.1”, 10.4”, 15.6”, 21.5” AMT PCAP touch solutions will be launched in March, along with corresponding touch panels, controllers, as well as operation interfaces.


AMT is the answer to your outdoor devices! Another exciting function is that AMT has developed even more advanced outdoor applications to tackle the interference of external liquid on the panel. When using handheld PCAP touch devices outdoors, raindrops might land on the touch panel and form a thin layer of water mist; sweat and drinks might spill on the touch panel when used in a gym setting; and for medical applications, saline, blood, or gel might drip onto the touch panel. The signal generated by the liquid is similar to that of a finger hence interfere with the operation. To solve this issue, one major feature of AMT’s new generation of projected capacitive touch solutions is our exceptional water treatment. When a thin layer of mist is on the surface of the PCAP touch panel, users can still draw lines and tap with single finger. Worst case scenario, when there are liquids on the touch panel, the touch screen could still function normally with the single-finger tap function maintained.


PenMount PCIUtility’s high-usability user interface and flexible parameter settings have always been highly praised by AMT customers. The newly released PenMount PCIUtility v1.9 is compatible with AMT’s new generation of PCAP touch solutions. You will profit from many convenient and practical functions, such as touch panel signal detection, touch panel operation direction change, touch panel sensitivity adjustment, touch panel edge compensation…etc. Please look forward to the introduction of PenMount PCIUtility v1.9’s various support for AMT’s new generation PCAP touch solution in the PenMount newsletter this month.

AMT continues to develop innovative technologies and is committed to providing customers with professional technical support and comprehensive touch solutions. Should you need further information about AMT’s new generation of PCAP touch solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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